Alex Jones Fights Alleged Black Genocide Conspiracy on the Twitters

Daily Slave
May 20, 2015

The Black genocide conspiracy is real folks – I have six million documents proving it. #BLACKLIVESMATTER lol.

Alex Jones is fighting the alleged Black genocide conspiracy on the Twitters.  While there have been plans put on paper advocating the depopulation of Africans, these plans have either been failures or have not been properly implemented.  Blacks are continuing to reproduce at high levels in Africa and they are now flowing into Europe.

There is far more evidence indicating a White genocide agenda through third world invasions into White European lands combined with social engineering and race mixing propaganda.  Jones ignores all of this because his operation is of the Yiddish variety.

Let’s be honest, if the Black genocide conspiracy was real, why are governments giving Negroes free stuff so Black women can crap out little niglets every nine months or so?  Just look at this ridiculous tweet from the Jones operation.  Maybe his Jewish wife came up with this one.