Alex Jones Faces Total Shoah Thanks to Fake News and JewTube

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2018

Please, fam. Say it ain’t so. What will I do without my Alex Jones Vaporwave mixes?

It has been said before, but the man is a living meme factory. I’m deeply saddened by this attack on him.

But seriously, if YouTube keeps attacking these gatekeeper types that aren’t even explicitly pro-White or anti-Semitic, then it might provoke backlash.

Information Liberation:

Last week, CNN published a front page story entitled InfoWars is two strikes away from being banned from YouTube in which the news organization deliberately misrepresented our content in relation to the Parkland school shooting as part of an effort to pressure YouTube to delete our channel.

This morning, we were informed that the channel had received a second strike on a video relating to the Parkland shooting, meaning it is now on the verge of being terminated permanently.

It’s really up in the air what happens next. Maybe SJWs and Jews will mass flag the video and then it will be three strikes for Jones.

But can we step back and just ask why this David Hogg thing is blowing up? Who is this kid? Why are we not allowed to criticize him? Why is pointing out the fact that he’s an actor who has been fed lines among other things suddenly a casus belli to ban people?

This is the kind of treatment only usually reserved for big-wig Jews, so why is Hogg getting this kind of princess treatment?

It’s all so manufactured. God forbid the public should ask some questions before their guns are taken away. You do that and you get Anderson Cooper’s pinched gay little face staring at you through his problem glasses, judging you.

Cooper’s soft judgmentalism is worse than Big Brother’s staring mug for most SWPLs and soy boys.

But the attack on guns is an attack on the last major issue that White people are dug in on. The conservatives lost the fight on desegregation, the whole “nation of immigrants” thing, the anti-abortion thing, the gay rights thing and now the only thing left is gun rights.

And the Jew media is using this kid to ram it through.

That means he is fair game and Alex Jones was in the right to attack him for being a bugman useful idiot for the globalist trans-dimensional reptilian child molesters.

Hands off Alex, you globalist scum. We’re cummin’ for ya.