Alex Jones Breaking Down Psychologically as He is Unable to Silence Rage Against Jews, Blacks and Moslems in His Comments Section

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
January 11, 2015

Don’t cry Alex, you had a good run.  Best for you to go retire to your Tel Aviv beach house while you still have the chance.

It looks as if 2015 might be the year in which a final nail will be placed into the coffin of the Alex Jones media empire.

In the years following the 9/11 attacks, many of us found the Alex Jones radio show and his websites since he was the most prominent figure on the Internet raising questions about the official story of what happened that day.  However, over time it became increasingly obvious that there was something not right about him.  He would constantly engage in bizarre behavior, he would make up historical fantasies off the top of head, he would threaten to take legal action against other alternative media personalities and he would constantly refuse to have serious topical discussions on a wide variety of issues.

To this day he has refused to seriously discuss the role of Jewish power while consistently going out of his way to put out lies about Germany and the Third Reich.  His Jewish wife, Jewish children and Jewish show sponsors are also well documented.

With that said, it is interesting to see how the fake narratives he has pushed for so long are falling apart around him.  I took a look at the comments section of some of the articles posted on his websites and there are numerous people exposing Jewish power and talking about the retarded behavior of Blacks and Muslims.

Check out the comment sections in the following articles.  I would encourage people to troll these and other recent postings if at all possible.

The bottom line is that we are having an impact on the narrative.  Events are unfolding in such a way where an increasing number of people are coming to our way of thinking.  I believe what we see happening in the world of Alex Jones is proof of that.  Him and his staff can ignore it all they want, but people are becoming much more aware of the Jewish problem and are demanding real solutions to all of this Cultural Marxist crap that has been forced on us.  People are no longer interested in endlessly discussing and arguing about the details of various conspiracies.  The time for that is over.

Maybe when Jones runs out of shekels generated by his dishonest media operation he’ll take his Jewish wife and Jewish children to Israel.  I think that’s a good place for him, because he certainly doesn’t deserve to live in America considering the subversive pro-Jew propaganda he has put out over the past two decades.  Let’s hope his business goes bankrupt in short order.