Alex Jones Claims Stormer Book Club Flier Campaign is Part of a Leftist False Flag Conspiracy

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2018

Alex Jones should have been happy that the Stormer Book Club posted fliers exposing the evil Jews that are trying to ban him from the Internet. Instead, he falsely claimed that it was part of a leftist conspiracy against him and

The recent flier posting campaign by the Stormer Book Club exposing the role Jews have played in censoring free speech on the Internet was a tremendous success. The fliers specifically criticized Jews for doing everything in their power to ban the Daily Stormer and Alex Jones off the tubes. It received a great deal of media coverage among local press outlets and publications tailored towards a Jewish audience.

You would think Jones would have been happy with this campaign. After all, it is exposing the specific group of individuals who have conspired to throw him off of all the big social media sites. To date, Jones has been banned from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, which today represent the bulk of the digital public square.

And before we go any further, let’s review who runs these sites.

Facebook is run by the Jew Mark Zuckerberg.

YouTube is run by the Jew Susan Wojcicki.

Twitter is run by the weirdo Marxist Jack Dorsey. Even though he is not a Jew, he works closely with the Jews at the Anti-Defamation League to police speech on the site – and his decision to ban Jones was specifically the result of Jewish pressure from their media and ethnic activist groups.

So based on this, there is no question that Jews have colluded to ban both him and your favorite Daily Stormer personalities from the digital public square. Instead of embracing this glorious flier campaign, Jones claimed on that it was a false flag by leftists designed to discredit him.


If this flier campaign was a false flag targeting Jones, the fliers would have falsely cited Jones and as being responsible for them. Instead, the fliers clearly state that they are the responsibility of the Stormer Book Club.

Yet despite that, Jones went out of his way not to mention anything about the Daily Stormer or the Stormer Book Club even though the Daily Stormer is referenced over 20 times on the flier.

He also said that the media is claiming that he was responsible for the fliers. This does not appear to be the case. Articles on this subject either don’t mention Jones at all or merely state that he is depicted on the fliers. They do not specifically blame him for posting them.

Jones is pretending to be the vanguard as a target of Internet censorship even though everyone associated with the Daily Stormer was blacklisted from these large social media sites years ago. Not to mention, the mass censorship campaign against the Daily Stormer and the Alt-Right following last year’s events in Charlottesville was big national news. It was news Jones and his staff chose not to cover. In fact, he was the only news site not covering it, when you would think it would be most relevant to him, as it was so obvious that after they finished silencing us, he was the logical next step.

He could have stood with us then, and all people who believe in freedom of speech could have held the line together. He could have said “I don’t agree with what they are saying, but they have a right to say it and I will defend that right.” That’s what Tucker Carlson said.

If Jones thinks ignoring us is a good strategy, he is mistaken. He should be supportive of these campaigns instead of making up zany theories. In fact, Alexa rankings indicate that traffic to his site has been in decline throughout the year. It only received a recent boost due to the media hysteria surrounding him getting thrown off of the big social media sites.

Jones probably thinks this strategy will help him avoid facing further problems like getting banned from payment processors. He is wrong to think this. The Jews are hell bent on shutting down any and all platforms that interfere with their large media outlets shaping public opinion. And they have a specific program of action, that they have already done to the Daily Stormer: first ban social media, then ban payment processors, then eventually steal your .com and try to erase you from the internet completely.

His operation is not exempt from this. The Jews are in the process of shutting everything down.

Blaming the Chinese Communists for things that are openly and publicly being done by people who are all Jewish is not a valid strategy to avoid being banned from things by the Jews.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.