Alex Jones Claims Saudis were Power Behind 9/11 Attacks, Control Hollywood and are Buying Off American Corporations

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
January 24, 2015

Shown above is why Alex Jones is too cowardly to talk about Jewish power and influence.

The fat pig demon liar Alex Jones went on the air the other day to interview a Congressman named Walter Jones who is pushing a bill to declassify a 28 page document which supposedly links the 9/11 attacks to Saudi Arabia.  The push to declassify this document is a ridiculous attempt to misdirect people’s attention into believing the Jewish approved version of what happened on September 11th, 2001.  15 of the 19 alleged hijackers were Saudis.  Osama Bin Laden who the Jew media promoted as the biggest boogieman of the 2000s was also a Saudi.  Even though this document should be declassified, it doesn’t appear to have much significance considering the official story already leads people to believe that there was an alleged Saudi conspiracy.

Needless to say, not once during the entire conversation did any mention of Jews or Israel come up despite the fact there is more evidence indicating their involvement in the attacks than anyone else.  The conversation centered around some type of 9/11 conspiracy involving Saudi Arabia.  These Saudi hi-jackers and more importantly Bin Laden were patsies used to justify an invasion of countries opposed to Israel under the supposed “war on terror.”  If the Saudis were involved in any capacity, it was to put up the patsies for the attack.  They were certainly not the main players involved.

Since 9/11, the Jew controlled American government has invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.  There have also been countless other military misadventures with drone strikes and things of that sort.   None of these military campaigns have been positive for the United States.  These invasions have only been for the benefit of Jews and Israel as they have only served to vastly increase the hatred of America in the Arab world.

The owner of the World Trade Center Larry Silverstein a wealthy Jew, received an enormous insurance settlement following the attacks.  Conveniently, he purchased an insurance policy protecting his buildings from terrorist attacks just months before 9/11.  Jewish neoconservatives in the Bush 43 regime had drafted specific foreign policy plans before the attacks that could only have been implemented politically after something like 9/11 happened.  There was even a group of Israeli Jews who were arrested after someone spotted them filming the World Trade Center before the attacks and celebrating after the attacks commenced.  This is just a small amount of evidence proving that there was a great deal of Jewish and Israeli involvement in what happened.  We also know that Jews received the most financial and political gain from 9/11.  These facts cannot be ignored if one is to fully explore this subject.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Jones even goes on to make his audience believe there is some sort of vast Saudi Arabian conspiracy.  He claims that Saudis are controlling Hollywood and buying off American corporations.  He also claims that his shill media operation has had problems with some type of harassment from Saudis.  Fast forward to around 7:50 of this clip and you’ll hear him make these deranged statements.

Even funnier is that Congressman Jones claims that he is doing god’s work during the interview.  If this guy was doing god’s work he would be exposing Jewish power and demanding that these parasites be purged from our country.  He is doing no such thing however.

Once again, we see Alex Jones doing everything he can to misdirect people from Jewish power and Israeli influence.  Please troll the Infowhores article and Jewtube video I’ve posted and tell this fat out of shape Jew whore that his days are numbered.  This is a vile individual who belongs incarcerated in a maximum security concentration camp for conducting this criminal pro-Jewish propaganda campaign against the American people.  I would once again encourage Alex who is probably reading this to strongly consider taking his Jewish wife, Jewish kids on a one-way trip to Israel.