Alex Jones Claims Global Meltdown is About to Happen, You are Completely Doomed

Daily Slave
September 6, 2015

Only if you buy 6,000,000 bottles of Alex’s magic erection formula can you possibly hope to survive the upcoming global collapse.

The front line of the real information war is currently being waged against the Jew shilling, erection formula selling, conspiracy promoting phony Alex Jones. Mr. Jones has been widely exposed as a big fraud after getting intellectually massacred by Dr. David Duke on his own show where they had a lengthy debate on the subject of Jewish supremacy. After getting embarrassed by Dr. Duke, Jones proceeded to make matters worse for himself by removing parts of the interview from his JewTube channel. He also refused to post the full interview despite widespread popular demand by many who wished to see it.

Jones is now behaving like a very desperate man. He has announced an upcoming money bomb where he hopes to get thousands of stupid people to donate a total of a million shekels so he can continue convincing people that Jewish power is not an important topic.

He has also released an incoherent and rambling JewTube video today claiming that a global meltdown is about to happen and that we are completely doomed. Towards the end of the video he actually says that millions are going to die. Oh yeah, and he also says that he is risking his life to bring us this information lol.

Watch the video for yourself. He sounds like a mad man. Most likely he’s under a great deal of pressure from his Jewish wife to extort more shekels from his audience and he thinks he can somehow do this by scaring them.

This is nothing new for Jones though. Back in 2000, he made people believe that the Russians had launched nuclear missiles against the United States and almost succeeded in creating a panic in conjunction with Y2K fears.

Suffice to say, I think it is a safe bet that Mr. Jones is rapidly losing the information war. He should retire and move to Tel Aviv while he still has the chance.