Alex Jones Banned from Facebook Again, Other Violent Terrorists Also Ejected

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2019

Alex Jones has been banned from Facebook again.

“The Banning of the Jones” is now an official religious ritual of the social justice left.

This is the third time he’s been banned from Facebook in less than a year.

And no, he didn’t keep making new accounts. They just come out every few months and say “we’re banning Alex Jones again.”

They just keep doing this. It’s like how they would routinely announce throughout the Afghanistan war that they had finally killed Osama bin Laden. They would say it every few months, like “we finally got him,” and there was always this weird feeling of “wait, I thought we already got him?”

New York Times:

After years of wavering about how to handle the extreme voices populating its platform, Facebook on Thursday evicted seven of its most controversial users — many of whom are conservatives — immediately inflaming the debate about the power and accountability of large technology companies.

The social network said it had barred Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist and founder of Infowars, from its platform, along with a handful of other extremists. Louis Farrakhan, the outspoken black nationalist minister who has frequently been criticized for his anti-Semitic remarks, was also banned. The Silicon Valley company said these users were disallowed from using Facebook and Instagram under its policies against “dangerous individuals and organizations.”

We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology,” a Facebook spokeswoman said in a statement. “The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and it is what led us to our decision to remove these accounts today.”

Alex Jones’s most high-profile violent hate attack was the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building.

I think maybe he also did 9/11, I can’t remember and I don’t have time to Google it. He probably did; he’s really violent and hateful.

Anyway, his banning was well deserved – no reason to have all of these violent terrorists on the platform. So it makes sense that they keep banning him even though he’s already banned. It’s really serious.

Along with the terrorists Alex Jones and Louis Farrakhan, Facebook also banned terrorist leader Laura Loomer, who was recently exposed as having helped David Berkowitz and his dog shoot all those people.

MILO was the other person banned. As we all know, he was exposed as having planned 2Pac’s assassination.

And the other right-wing homosexual, Paul Joseph Watson, was banned for kidnapping twinks and cutting them up in his basement.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m being sarcastic. Except about Paul Joseph, who actually does kidnap and brutally torture twinks.

The rest of these individuals are not violent.

The idea here is that you just make “violence and hate” a phrase, then just start accusing people of both at the same time because they like, said black people commit crime or whatever. It’s weirdly transparent, because when people read “Alex Jones banned for being violent,” they naturally will think “what did he do?”

Banning Laura Loomer at the same time as Louis Farrakhan was clever. Because she made this huge deal when she was banned from Twitter about how Louis Farrakhan wasn’t banned.

Her whole thing was that people shouldn’t be able to ban her because she’s Jewish.

MILO is so irrelevant now that banning him just seems weird.

But basically what they are doing is drawing lines on who is allowed on these platforms. So these were all symbolic of the points you’re not allowed to make:

  • Alex Jones said everything the media said was fake (even if it wasn’t, he would say it was)
  • Louis Farrakhan is a black guy who talks about the Jews (not even blacks can talk about the Jews now)
  • Laura Loomer was an aggressive Jew who openly attacked Moslems very aggressively and said she could never be questioned because she’s Jewish
  • MILO and Joseph Watson were homosexuals who acted like they could be more politically incorrect because of their cocksucker privilege

So, other than Alex, who is a representative of those who do not believe the media in general, the three others were all representatives of special classes – blacks, Jews, homos – who promote things that go against the narrative. Every normal white person (including Alex Jones) was already banned.

By banning Loomer, they can also deflect the criticism that they don’t ban Jews. I think the Jews wanted her banned simply because she is horrible and embarrassing and makes Jews look like disgusting, self-righteous psychopaths. However, there has never been a high-profile Jew banned before (other than Jacob Wohl, who was banned from Twitter for similar reasons), so they can now point to her and say “oh yes, we also ban Jews.”

The system is currently in the process of drawing a new acceptable “right-wing” paradigm, which they want to be led by Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Candace Owens. They are corralling all of the goyim who sense that something might be wrong with the liberal Jew system into a Jewish-run alternative that spins them back into the correct direction.

This is an ongoing grooming process, but it is really speeding up now. You can see that Breitbart understands what they are doing, and they are now going nuts talking about Jews all the time in an attempt to be accepted into this new scene and keep from getting kicked off of all of their advertisers and financial and web services.

It’s literally like reading the Jerusalem Times at this point.

It was always obvious that they weren’t going to let the Daily Stormer or any other anime Nazi haven become a part of the public discussion, but it is interesting to see just how controlled they are trying to make the narrative.

Enjoy your soylent media, goyim.