Alex Jones Attempts to Incite Blacks to Full-On Helter Skelter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2015

Helter Skelter has begun.
Helter Skelter has begun.

The Fat Man has now taken to the streets to incite a race war and attempt to become the leader of the Blacks.

Some say he’s lost it.

Some say he is the greatest genius since Charles Manson.

He recently protested outside an abortion clinic in the name of the Blacks and invited a group of communists there to fight him. One of the communists attacked him and he was then chased across a parking lot. Alex Jones then began raging into the camera, telling the Blacks to rise up and take down the system.

You guys think I’m joking about this. Watch the clip.

The entire purpose of the anti-abortion demonstration is to defend Blacks – he even has #BlackLivesMatter posters.

Yeah, that sign was produced by Jones.  "Planned Parenthood is the KKK #BlackLivesMatter"
Yeah, that sign was produced by Jones. “Planned Parenthood is the KKK #BlackLivesMatter” lol @ Ron Paul 2012

He even has he Black house-servant there to fight these White communists.

Jones' houseservant and revolutionary commando Jakari Jackson
Jones’ house servant and Black revolutionary commando Jakari Jackson

The clip then cuts to a piece explaining that abortion is part of a secret White supremacist eugenics plot to kill the Blacks.

Then there is an ad telling people to subscribe to his site.

Doesn’t he know that isn’t a viable business model anymore? I guess he’s milking it for all it’s worth, while selling ads at the same time.


Who is this meant to appeal to? Seriously, look at these pictures.

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Does he really believe the Blacks will follow him?  Who is that little Mexican male nurse?

What is all of this?  I don’t even understand what is happening.

He actually staged a #BlackLivesMatter protest, guys.  I told you when he went to Ferguson and tried to get those Blacks to riot he was attempting to incite Helter Skelter and become their leader.  And you thought I was joking.  But how else do you explain a violent #BlackLivesMatter protest?

This must be really embarrassing for Paul Joseph Watson, who has recently been trying to cover some real issues – including the Black problem – in a serious way. I mean, how can you possibly pretend to care about real issues when you are tied to the one man circus show, ol’ “Jew Wife” Jones, saying everything is done by crisis actors, pushing chemtrails, selling penis juice and then going off and trying to start a race war at an abortion clinic.

Paul, buddy, all joking aside:

The door is always open.

You know we’ve got real problems that need real solutions.  You don’t have to be a staff writer for the Daily Stormer, but just get on board for the big win-win with the real right-wing movement.

Because there are only two options here.

There is SJWism.

And there is Fascism.

Alex Jones is trying to flap around in some sort of surreal fake reality of neo-libertarian multicultural conspiracy land where Ted Cruz is the last hope to stop the German Death Cult – this is not a valid position to take, and you know – I know you know – that this thing has lost all its steam and Alex is clearly in the middle of a psychological breakdown as everyone sees what is happening but he is obligated to just keep lying about it.

You’ve only got so much time until he loses it completely.  You can see that from the video.  He is about to snap under the weight of all of these lies he’s buried himself under.

So your choice is to wait until he collapses, or to leave before that.  The second option is clearly the honorable one, and the one people will respect you for.  Hanging around while it is obvious you don’t agree with anything he is pushing just makes you look dishonest.

We’re standing on the edge of the end of civilization.  It’s time to get serious, or get the hell out of the way.