Alex Jones Apologizes for Pizzagate Coverage

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 26, 2017

Alex Jones officially apologized to James Alafantis for #Pizzagate coverage on Friday.

I don’t really know what’s going on here, so I can’t really comment on it.

It looks like he’s just groveling to save his ass, avoiding a lawsuit. But I’m not sure how Alafantis could win a lawsuit against him, when this information was all over the internet, and I doubt he ever actually said “this guy did it” in a way he could be successfully sued for.

It’s not like he doesn’t have the money to fight a lawsuit, and then file a countersuit. And it’s also not like this guy doesn’t know how to not illegally defame people he’s talking about on his show.

So basically, bottom line, it looks like something else is going on. Like he’s being pressured for reasons other than legal reasons and so to cover that has framed it in terms of legal reasons.

I don’t know.

Who knows.

Alex Jones is a weird person.

Interestingly, Lee Stranahan (who just recently resigned from Breitbart) posted a video the next day – Saturday – also saying Pizzagate is fake news and makes the Alt-Right look bad.

The video is long, but he appears to not be shilling like Jones is obviously shilling, and maybe just doesn’t believe it.

I like Stranahan, he’s been on the forefront of pushing the fact that there exists no evidence that Russia did the DNC hack – something which precious few people are pushing. He is definitely also a weird person though for sure.

But very strange he would post this at the same time as Jones – also in connection with an anti-Pizzagate march in DC.

Pizzagate has mostly dropped out of the news. I haven’t kept up with it, because it seemed like there was no new information coming out.

I think we should be talking about it, because it is obviously real.