Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes Stormed the Capitol of Georgia! This is Only the Beginning!

Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes stormed the capitol building of Georgia on Tuesday, taking names – but no prisoners.

The protesters demanded that the Georgia government hold a special session to discuss auditing the votes from the 2020 presidential election, rather than carrying out their stupid plan for a completely fake recount which does not involve matching signatures.

The crowd of hundreds which gathered on very short notice first rallied outside the capitol building, then went inside of the GOLD DOME.

After the rally, Alex Jones met with Nick Fuentes to discuss further actions.

In fact, Alex and Nick are going ON TOUR. They will go across the country, invading state capitols and demanding RECOMPENSE.

This is going to be a big deal, and you should all try to get to these events.

Unfortunately, during the rally in the capitol, Ali Alexander, an allegedly based black guy who has gotten a lot of questions from people as to what the heck he is up to, went into full chimp mode when someone suggested that the protesters stay and occupy the building.

Alexander berated the white man, calling him a “hillbilly.” Alex Jones had to step in and defuse the situation, as it appeared that a fight might be about to break out.

“Hillbilly” is our word, and blacks do not have a right to say it. I’m not sure what exactly Alexander does for these protests, what he brings to the table, but I think it is going to be difficult for people to have any faith in him after this filmed anti-white breakdown.

Alexander has also taken criticism for putting up his personal PayPal and crypto addresses and soliciting donations on the “Stop the Steal” website. It’s unclear what he is using that money for, and it actually appears to just be a money grab by a total grifter.

I do not think after this video has gone viral that anyone is going to have faith in Alexander. The fact that he is also a felon with a history of various forms of fraud also does not look good, when he is putting his personal PayPal information on a protest site and soliciting donations from a protest that people feel very adamant about.

People think that money is going to something related to these protests, but a protest permit is like less than $200. To my knowledge, Alexander is not paying for the hotels or anything else for the attendants, and I simply do not understand where that money is going. If he wants to draw a salary for organizing these events, then that is fair enough, but that salary should be audited and not simply dumped into his personal account, when the people have no idea that it is going to him at all and assume that it is money for some organization putting these protests together.

Again, if he said: “Please give me money personally,” that would be fine. But this is the StopTheSteal.US site, which Alexander controls:

When you click the “Donate” button, it goes straight to his personal information, with his PayPal and crypto addresses.

At time of writing, the Bitcoin address alone has received over $3,000 in the last week and a half, which is more than enough to cover permit costs, Alexander’s personal travel and hotel expenses, and most or all of his personal salary.

The Ethereum address has received over $1,300 dollars.

If the pattern of normal donations holds, then he has probably received between 10 and 30 times as much at the PayPal address than he has at the crypto addresses. But of course, the PayPal address, like the CashApp address, are totally private and only he knows how much he’s received.

It makes sense that Alexander would lash out at someone who would be threatening to make the protest movement he is ostensibly running look bad, as he is trying to protect this completely unaudited income stream, which is making him potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars off of the good will of Trump supporters.

I am not against Based Black Guys necessarily, and I think Georgia State Senator Vernon Jones did a very good job at the event. However, Alexander is giving a bad name to all BBGs by being an anti-white racist and an apparent scam artist.

If Alexander is organizing these protests, then I think someone else should be organizing them. What does organization even involve? Getting the permit? Any female can do that. You can literally just hire a secretary, and she will get the permit for you. Women are good at following rules and filling out forms (in fact it’s the only thing they are good at).

I don’t want to put pressure on this movement, and I understand Alexander is already linked to it through the control of the official website, but if this man is discovered as having committed fraud – and he almost certainly will be, because the left is going to be looking into this – it is going to reflect badly on Nick, Alex and everyone else involved with this movement.

Getting him out immediately should be of primary concern. He’s already made God only knows how much money off of this, so he should be willing to sell the website to someone else who will run it more honestly. They can cite backlash over the anti-white statements which have gone viral, and they can also explain that they will expose the fraud if he refuses to hand over control of the site to some woman who will run it according to an entire list of rigid rules.

I DO NOT think this fraud should be discussed beyond this website. I think he should be allowed to keep whatever money he’s already stolen, and the transfer of the website out of his hands should be peaceful.

I can’t tell you how much I hate having to say all of this on an article that should be purely celebratory, but I am totally obliged to do so.

There is another rally in Georgia later today which we will update you on. Even Ethan Ralph is going to be there.

We might get a stream up later, and if not, we will have details of the event after its finished.