Alex Jones and Infowars Falsely Claim to be “First Target” of the Jews’ Big Tech Censorship Agenda

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2019

Alex Jones and the Infowars team are claiming that they are the primary target of Jewish big tech censorship even though they go out of their way to not talk about Jews, Israel or Zionism. Their claim is false and historically inaccurate.

Alex Jones and Infowars recently published a short post on their website claiming that they had been the “first target” of Jewish big tech censorship. It’s laughable that they would post something like this.

The article includes this Twitter post from Rob Dew implying that Jones is the “Ground Zero” of Internet censorship.

As dumb as it is, it seems as if they are making this claim for marketing purposes. A few months back I remember seeing an advertisement on Matt Drudge’s website where Jones was saying that he was running the most censored website on the Internet.

It is patently false for them to claim that they were the “first target” for big tech censorship or running the most censored website on the Internet. They are neither of these things.

The Daily Stormer and even my own blog site have been subjected to far more censorship than Jones ever has. We were also subjected to these censorship measures far before anything happened to Jones.

And Infowars, despite being blacklisted from the major social media sites, still has their .com website address. The Daily Stormer on the other hand has been through numerous domain seizures. These domain seizures have been well-documented and are well-known to anybody who has been following the censorship agenda of these big tech operations. You can read about some of them on The Daily Stormer’s own Wikipedia page.

It’s worth noting that when these domain seizures occurred, Infowars had next to nothing to say about them. They did not actively defend our right to free speech as you would expect them to do. They only started having a real problem with Internet censorship when the censorship beast started to turn on them.

But this right here in a nutshell proves that you will never get the full truth from Jones or his Infowars crew. The fact that they would openly lie about being the “first target” of this censorship agenda says it all. They’re trying to make people believe that the information they publish is more dangerous to the establishment than anything else on the Internet. This is obviously not true, but Jones and his staff don’t seem to give a shit about that.

These are people who give their audience half truths and lie by omission. If Infowars was an honest media operation, they would have been actively exposing the subversive nature of Jews in Western civilization, Israel and Zionism, and racial issues a very long time ago. But they are not an honest media operation as evidenced by how they use provably false claims to market themselves.

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