Alex Berenson Still Thinks This Isn’t a Conspiracy?

Alex Berenson was back on Joe Rogan last week. I haven’t listened to the whole show, because I said when Joe Rogan left my podcast feed that I would never download the Spotify app.

Nor, for that matter, will I “sign up for Spotify.”

I went to the Spotify site when I heard Berenson was back on Rogan, and when I clicked play, I got this:

Not happening.

Funnily, since Rogan sold his soul to these people, I’ve not heard one person talk about him. He still pops up in the media as a punching bag (they are running out of punching bags since they censored everyone). But in my circle of friends, as well as on forums and so on, I never hear Rogan mentioned.

He probably lost 2/3rds of his audience, I’d reckon.

What a moronic move.

Obviously, $100 million is a lot of money. But he was the single most listened to person on the entire earth. Can’t you figure out a way to spin that into money?

Maybe he didn’t realize what was going on? Maybe he didn’t understand that the show would not be on normal podcast apps at all anymore?

They do seem to be allowing Rogan to say what he wants to say, but of course you can’t tell – he’d been getting less interesting every year for at least four years before he sold himself to Spotify.

When his archive was moved to Spotify, they deleted a bunch of shows, including Alex Jones’ appearances. But Jones has been back on the show since, so I guess Rogan negotiated his way out of that.

But yeah – sorry, I’m not downloading Spotify. Ever. No matter what happens.

But the clips on YouTube are good.

He is apparently still trying to claim that this maybe wasn’t all on purpose, and is just the result of incompetence and maybe corporate/Democrat opportunism.

But Klaus Schwab literally announced, more than six months before the vax was released, that it would probably be a regular annual shot.

(I can’t find the isolated clip – weird that Schwab would be so censored, no? – but it’s in this Computing Forever video.)

How did he know that?

Of course, to believe this was “not a conspiracy,” you also have to believe that Event 201 was a coincidence. Basically, you have to believe that Bill Gates is a moral person who is just trying to help humanity.

You have to believe that every single step of this agenda was not planned from the beginning.

I’ll remind you also: Alex Berenson said this whole thing was over back in the spring when the CDC told people they could take their masks off. He’s made other bad predictions as well.

Meanwhile, all of my predictions since March of 2020 have come to pass, or will come to pass soon (economic demolition via supply line collapse and hyperinflation is now being admitted to be on the way by mainstream people – and by the way, I never put a timeframe on economic collapse, I just said “in the next couple of years”).

The ability to accurately make predictions shows that you have a working analytic model.

But Berenson is okay.

Alex Jones got mad about Berenson’s appearance on Tucker Carlson earlier this week.

Berenson was reporting on the fact that all-cause deaths are rising in every country, and didn’t just say “it’s the vaccine,” but tried to let people down easy, saying “well, maybe it’s the overdoses and suicides caused by people developing all of these mental health problems as a result of the restrictions, maybe it’s secret Covid deaths…” long pause, “or maybe, and I hesitate to say this, but maybe it’s deaths from the vaccines.”

(It’s a fun 20-minute AJ clip with a few facts you might not have heard, and fewer ads than most of his uploads.)

Alex Jones says we don’t have time to do this pussyfooting thing. I guess I would agree with Alex Jones that we don’t have time for pussyfooting, but I don’t agree with it because even without pussyfooting there is no way to stop this coming collapse now.

The time for a resistance to this virus hoax was May of 2020, when they announced that they were lying about “three weeks to flatten the curve” and we would go into an indefinite state of virus restrictions. Once people accepted that, the game was over.

To be fair to Alex Berenson, I’m sure he knows more than he lets on. I mean, the idea that these excess deaths are from anything other than the vaccine is just absurd. There were no excess deaths at all when there was an alleged deadly pandemic on the loose, and now that there’s a vaccine for the deadly pandemic, there are serious numbers of excess deaths.

Yes, a lot of people have developed drug addictions during the lockdown, and yes, most drug addictions now involve fentanyl and it’s super easy to accidentally kill yourself with fentanyl. But that’s mostly an American issue. Europe and especially the UK is dealing with serious numbers of excess deaths. I don’t believe Berenson doesn’t get that.

Also, although he might not have been on “Team Conspiracy” (his term) in the beginning, at this point, as they’ve continued to give people this deadly vaccine, knowing it is killing people and giving them chronic disorders that will severely shorten their lives, you can no longer claim that this is all innocent. And once you understand that they are willing to kill huge numbers of people, it’s not a huge leap to see that they planned all of this long before any of us heard the word “coronavirus.”

Also, to be fair, Alex Jones himself still hasn’t figured out what’s going on. He keeps saying that the virus is real, and refuses to offer any evidence. He’s even gone through and shown that there were no excess deaths in 2020 – but then he said that more people are dying this year, and didn’t connect it to the vaccine, instead saying that “Covid is getting more deadly.”

Of course, in the above clip, he does attribute the excess deaths to the vaccine.

So, he’s all over the place, like he’s always been. But he still drops more truth bombs than most. I still see boomers claiming that this was all the result of government incompetence – even “far right” or white nationalist types of boomers. As I’ve said many times: a lot, lot, lot of boomers and even some younger people are fixated on the idea that the master plan of the government is for people to “work and consume.”

Alex Jones is at least not on that level of retarded, and admits that there is a global conspiracy to create a new society where an elite of cyborgs rule over a mass of peasants.

The biggest problem with Alex Jones is that he still avoids saying “JEWS,” and instead continues to blame things that Jews do on Chinese people. But at this point, that is basically a meme. I think he himself must be laughing about it when he says things like “the communist Chinese run Hollywood.”

But listen – Berenson is anti-vax, Jones is anti-vax. I’m on Team Anti-Vax. I don’t care about anything else. People can say whatever they want, if they are against this vax, then I support them.

(And before anyone asks – yes, I think Alex Berenson is Jewish. But I’d be going against my own values and beliefs if I was against him for that. The single reason I have ever been against the Jews is their behavior. Berenson has never done anything Jewish, that I’ve seen. I DO NOT just “hate the Jews.” I am against the behavior of the Jews. So far, I’ve not really found many Jews who did not behave like Jews. But Berenson seems fine. I also like Glenn Greenwald, but he is literally a homosexual. However, I blame the Jews for that – he was almost certainly abused by rabbis. That would also explain the fact that he is first and foremost against the Jews. He is against Jair Bolsonaro, but his main problem with him appears to be his connections to Israel. Berenson on the other hand is a normal person. He’s a novelist, but I haven’t heard that his novels are Jewy either. I haven’t read them, but from what I’ve heard they’re just solid, if generic, spy novels.)