Alex Berenson Finally Banned from Twitter


The coronavirus hoax truth-teller Alex Berenson was finally “permanently suspended,” i.e., banned, from Twitter.

This was his final act, for which the hammer came down:

Every part of that tweet is simply repeating the official statements of the CDC and other government authorities, other than saying it is insanity to mandate it.

A while back, I did a list of “facts about COVID NINETEEN” wherein I linked a whole bunch of bizarre and contradictory official statements. Of course, that post is nearly a month old, so a lot of stuff has changed, as they are consistently admitting, more and more, how ineffective the vaccine is at doing what they initially said it would do.

I think we’ve all seen at this point that the CDC admits that it doesn’t stop infection or transmission, that it only “might prevent serious illness” for a period of about six months after taking it.

Here is the Jew Rochelle Walensky telling the Jew Wolf Blitzer on August 5 that the vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission:

She says, as Berenson said in his banned tweet, that it could be a therapeutic to prevent “serious illness.” That’s of course meaningless, given that according to their data, the supposed coronavirus does not usually cause serious illness to begin with.

Walensky is now demanding everyone get a third booster shot; however, she does not know that this will prevent transmission (it seems to be accepted now that no vaccine will ever prevent infection).

So, Berenson was banned for saying that the mandates are insane.

I have had my issues with Berenson. In particular, I was upset when he said during early summer that when the CDC stated that no one had to wear masks anymore, that the hoax was officially over.

He was constantly saying that he was against “conspiracy theories.” That did not help him not get banned from Twitter, and it definitely did not help him to accurately predict future events.

I have said from the beginning that this is a conspiracy, and there is no other way to look at it. Claiming it isn’t a conspiracy makes it impossible to understand it. There is no way to grasp what is happening by just pretending these people are all hopelessly stupid.

Furthermore, he actually did promote conspiracy theories that I thought were stupid, including the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory. That conspiracy theory is much dumber than my own stated theory – which is actually a fact – that there is no new virus. “COVID NINETEEN” is very simply a rebranding of the flu. Along with labeling all deaths from respiratory diseases as COVID NINETEEN, they have laundered deaths from other things – heart attacks, cancers, and every obesity-related death. Anyone who tests positive on a PCR test within a month before dying is labeled a coronavirus death, no matter what, and if someone dies of respiratory illness, they are labeled a coronavirus death even without the PCR test.

There is no evidence, at all, of a new virus.

Maybe Berenson himself is incapable of processing a lie that size, or maybe he just thinks it’s better not to say that and instead just argue about scientific papers in order to “seem more credible.”

I don’t think he seems more credible by doing that, and I think everyone is able to easily grasp the fact the flu has been renamed.

All this having been said, Berenson was a great source of information. He has devoted his entire life to following this hoax, and documenting it, and he will be sorely missed on Twitter.

As of time of writing, he has a new Twitter, but they will just delete this later today.

As Twitter has made clear, when someone gets banned from Twitter, it is not the account that is banned, it is the human being who uses the account, and he can never have another account for the rest of his life. I believe at some point they even said that if you legally change your name it doesn’t matter, as your individual body and soul are what is banned.

You can only follow him on his Substack.

After the ban, he wrote this on his Substack:

Does it have the right to prevent me (or anyone) from opening another account, verified or not?

More interestingly, does it have the right to prevent ANYONE else from ever allowing me (or anyone) to use his or her account to tweet, even a single time? In other words, can Twitter say that only a single account-holder can ever use an existing account?

I’m not seeing that in their TOS, but would be interested to know what lawyers think.

Oh my sweet summer child.

Twitter can do anything they want to anyone, because they are a totally unregulated private company. They are even allowed to secretly collude with other companies, such as Facebook and Google, to ensure you are banned from all internet platforms. In my case, they also worked with every domain registrar to ensure that I could not own a normal .com website.

This is because America is a libertarian and anarcho-capitalist society, which does not believe in any form of government intervention in the free market – except in very special and outrageous cases, such when a Christian baker refuses to bake a gay cake (in which case the entire force of the federal government will come down on them and destroy them).

A lot of people are now saying that “Substack can’t be banned.” This is obviously untrue, and I don’t really understand how it is possible that we are still having this conversation.

A quick “whois” lookup will show you that Substack is using both Amazon and Cloudflare.

Both of those companies banned me (and others) for legal speech protected under the First Amendment.

So, it’s not a matter of “if” Substack will be run off the internet, but “when.”

You people can laugh about that, like you did when I was banned from Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, YouTube, etc. But the process already exists to remove entire websites, and it has already been used, and no one got in any trouble, because the official position of both Republicans and Democrats is that large tech companies can never be regulated and are allowed to censor anyone.

Right now, if I were to make a Substack, I would be banned from the service, because I am personally banned by both Amazon and Cloudflare, meaning that Substack is not allowed to publish my legally protected speech.

Substack could move to Chinese services and stay online, but they would just get banned for saying that the virus is part of a Chinese conspiracy. It’s very convenient for me that I am an anti-Semite, and not an anti-Sinoite. In a perfect world, I believe anti-Sinoites should have free speech, but America is the company that made the commitment to free speech, and then completely failed to uphold those laws.

Hardcore censorship has now allowed America to become an utterly lawless country, where no one is allowed to complain about anything. You cannot have a free society without free speech. Period. At least not one based on the model of secular Republicanism. If we had a theocracy, our free speech would be limited, but they would be required to provide us with certain other freedoms.

Obviously, Taliban-run Afghanistan has a lot more freedom, generally, than America, as the leaders are subjected to the limits of Sharia Law. Our leaders are not subjected to anything, and can do anything to anyone, and we are not allowed to protest.

It’s all very unfortunate.

But hey – follow Alex Berenson on Substack while you can!

I expect for a while, his posts will mainly be about how outrageous it is that his speech was taken from him, how he should have rights, and how he’s going to start suing. Everyone that this happens to has a hard time processing the fact that there is literally no recourse, and that any lawsuit they file will be thrown out.

He’ll eventually get over it.

We all do.

(Except MILO – he never got over it.)