Alex Berenson Can’t Take It Anymore

Alex Berenson is the only journalist still on Twitter that is exposing the coronavirus hoax.

He’s been meticulously breaking everything down for over a year (maybe not quite as long as I’ve been breaking it down, but long enough).

Now, he finally can’t take it anymore.

He should have just said “motherfuckers.” It’s okay to just say it, when you’re really angry. But I guess he doesn’t want to get marked down in the Twitter naughty book.

Although I have a lot of respect for Berenson, because he is hardcore in comparison to everyone else who hasn’t been banned yet, he suffers from the same issue as Tucker Carlson in that he’s always one or two steps behind.

He thought the virus hoax was about getting rid of Donald Trump through the mail-in ballot hoax, or about destroying the economy and handing over the entire wealth of the middle class to Jeff Bezos and Jew bankers. But it was always more than that. It was always about a complete and total transformation of every aspect of human society, a la the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and the various documents from the Club of Rome long before that.

Everything that they have brought in through this coronavirus hoax is stuff that they had said they were going to do in the name of the global warming hoax. It was all planned from the beginning. It has nothing to do with China. Frankly, I don’t even think there is a new virus – they just invented a new test for the common cold, which is also a coronavirus.

I remember when Berenson came out and said it was over when the CDC removed indoor mask regulations. I calmly said: Alex, it has only just begun.

There was always going to be a “new variant” that reset everything to January 2020, where they said “we have to lock down again and wait for another vaccine.” That was always going to be linked to a more extreme coercion campaign with the vaccines, and probably forced vaccinations in various parts of the world.

Yes, it will slowly transition into “global warming lockdowns.” But none of the freedoms are coming back.

Alex needs to start listening to James Delingpole.

Ignore the teeth. He’s on top of this.