Alec Baldwin Says He Never Pulled the Trigger, Feels No Guilt

Alec Baldwin did an interview with ABC News’ George Stepopoponopoulous and he claimed he never pulled the trigger.

“The trigger wasn’t pulled… I would never pull the trigger… no, no, no, no, no.”

I don’t even know what the hell that means.

For a gun to shoot, you have to pull the trigger. That is the way guns function.

Here’s another pretty bizarre clip where he says he feels no guilt because it’s not his fault.

Didn’t he have someone to coach him on this interview?

I actually agree that it wasn’t his fault. As he says, there is no situation where a live round should be in a gun on a movie set, and I really don’t think there is any way he can be held responsible, morally.

Well, actually, given that he was also a producer on the film, he probably can be held responsible. He was at least partially responsible for hiring whatever retard – presumably that fat millennial woman – who loaded a live round into his movie gun.

But still, I do agree that it wasn’t his “fault.”

However, that does not mean you don’t feel guilty. Human beings feel guilty for things they are not responsible for all the time; it is a normal function of human emotion.

Here’s the simplest example: if a dog runs out in front of your car and you hit it, you can go through every single scenario and come to the conclusion that there was absolutely nothing you could have done to have prevented the accident. Nonetheless, any single normal human, with normal human emotions, is going to feel guilt about the dead dog.

I guess Baldwin is confusing “feeling guilty” with “legal guilt” and is therefore coming across as some kind of monster.

I have said and will say again: I don’t really think Alec Baldwin is a monster or a psychopath. He’s definitely a bad person, but he’s a totally unhinged emotional wreck. People who are legitimate psychopaths are not ultra-emotional like he has been so publicly for decades.

Actual psychopaths act like Jen Psaki.

Legitimate psychopaths don’t get all emotional and throw fits because they don’t have emotions.

I’m sure Baldwin does feel guilt, and I’m sure this incident will completely ruin his life. He’s probably going to drink himself to death – or more specifically, die in his sleep as a result of combining benzos or other narcotic pills with alcohol. If he doesn’t first have a heart attack from the vaxes he takes.

Saying he feels no guilt, saying the trigger was never pulled, being afraid to name the millennial slut for legal reasons – all of this is just a dumpster fire.

This is the lesson for all of you: you have to surround yourself with good, competent people who are loyal to you. You have to figure out a way to do that. If you don’t do that, then this is the kind of thing that happens to you. Alec didn’t have a wife or child or agent or anyone else who cared enough about him to prevent him from doing this interview. He made the decision to do it while emotionally unstable, and because he’d lived his life as such an unredeemable asshole, he didn’t have loyal people to protect him while he was vulnerable.

The things he said in this interview are going to have bad legal consequences that go beyond the bad image issues.

You have to treat people well, you have to build relationships. You can’t live your life as an island. In order to build relationships that are meaningful and strong, you have to open yourself up, and some people will take advantage of you when you do that, and you just have to deal with that and mitigate it as best you can. But you can’t let the risk of someone taking advantage prevent you from forming real relationships with people who are going to be loyal to you, or you will end up in a situation like Alec Baldwin in this life-destroying interview.

Actually, with the way things are going, you’re going to have to deal with much more serious things than this.

I said and I will say again: the vax issue is going to make it easier to find people you can trust, because anyone who won’t take the vax – especially anyone who hasn’t taken it in a year from now – is going to be a strong person, a moral person, someone who believes in metaphysical human purpose, and this will be the kind of person you can form trust-bonds with.

Of course, aside from self-respect, true relationships are only possible with Christ as the intermediary.

Think about all of this very seriously, and look around in your own life, and ask who you can trust completely with your life. If the answer is “no one,” then you have a very serious problem. That’s the problem you need to fix first. That is a fatness-level problem*.

*It is Stormer core doctrine that if you are fat, all of your life energy needs to be put into stopping being fat, and nothing else is worth your time until you are no longer fat.