Alcohol Now Comes in Powder Form

Daily Stormer
April 22, 2014

The thing you didn't know you were waiting for has finally arrived.
The thing you didn’t know you were waiting for has finally arrived.

As is known, the most important thing in American society is the ability to become intoxicated and forget about all your problems.

You can act stupid, and perhaps score a slut.  This will make up for the infinite emptiness in your soul.


From Business Insider:

For those of us who despaired when Vaportinis, the device that allowed you to inhale a shot of alcohol, were scheduled to be banned in Maryland, have no fear, the alternative is here!

Palcohol, the powdered version of alcohol, has arrived on the market to give Kool Aid a run for its money.

No more powdered lemonade for you adults – you can mix yourself a real drink now.

The best part? It’s been approved. 
The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), has already given the green light to seven different varieties of Palcohol, including the “cosmopolitan,” “lemondrop,” and “powderita” flavors.

The powder packs come with instructions that inform users to just add water or mixers for an “instant cocktail.” Happy birthday to me!

Regrettably, the celebratory news announcements, such as the one I just quoted, fail to address the most important question surrounding this issue: can it be snorted?