Albanian-Occupied Kosovo Sells Out to the Jews

Just for those who don’t know, Kosovo is not a “country.” It’s an Albanian occupation of a Serbian territory, which is enforced by NATO weapons after NATO bombed in support of an Albanian terrorist group to steal the territory from the Serbs.

This was an open and public thing. Bill Clinton just accused the Serbs of doing a genocide, then started bombing in support of Islamic terrorists.

It was intended to totally demoralize Serbs, making them incapable of standing up for themselves. It seems to have worked – Serbia is now a de facto puppet state of America.

It’s fitting that they would get along with Israel, which is also a fake country built on stolen land by terrorists.


U.S. President Donald Trump said Friday that Serbia has committed to moving its embassy to Jerusalem, and that Kosovo and Israel had agreed to normalize ties and establish diplomatic relations.

Trump, speaking in the Oval Office before a meeting with the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo, said the two countries have agreed to normalize economic ties, hailing what he called a “major breakthrough” more than a decade after Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008.

Serbian President Aleksander Vuči announced Friday that Serbia will move its embassy to Jerusalem by July 2021, and that it will open a representative office until then.

Though Serbia is not a member of the European Union, this marks the first time a European country is opening an embassy in Jerusalem.

Trump is presiding over talks between Kosovo and Serbia in what some say is an attempt to present another diplomatic achievement ahead of the U.S. election in November.

In April, the Guardian reported that ousted Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti blamed Trump’s ambassador, Richard Grenell, of the deal with Serbia as a boon for the U.S. president.

Trump called Netanyahu during his meeting on Friday with Kosovo’s prime minister, Avdullah Huti, and congratulated the two leaders for their decision. Huti also said that Kosovo will open an embassy in Jerusalem.

You see what’s happening: all of these Moslem countries are normalizing ties with Israel, as we head at rocket-speed towards a world government, ruled from Jerusalem.

It’s one of the only useful things that Trump is able to be used for. He does it because it lets him “win.”