Albanian Drug CEO Arrested for Outrageous Gangsterism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2015

Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli

Shockingly, an Albanian immigrant has been arrested by the FBI for being involved in serious gangsterism.

No one could have predicted that an Albanian immigrant would be involved in something like this. In light of the serious and scientific fact that race does not exist, having been born and raised in America, this Albanian should be behaving like a normal Anglo-American, rather than acting exactly like every Albanian everywhere else in the world.


Martin Shkreli, a boastful pharmaceutical executive who came under withering criticism for price gouging vital drugs, denied securities fraud charges on Thursday following an early morning arrest, and was freed on a $5 million bond.

While the 32-year-old has earned a rare level of infamy for his brazenness in business and his personal life, what he was charged with had nothing to do with skyrocketing drug prices. He is accused of repeatedly losing money for investors and lying to them about it, illegally taking assets from one of his companies to pay off debtors in another.

“Shkreli essentially ran his company like a Ponzi scheme where he used each subsequent company to pay off defrauded investors from the prior company,” Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Robert Capers said at a press conference.

Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Shkreli at his Midtown Manhattan apartment at about 6:30 a.m. and forced him to walk through a gaggle of photographers outside FBI headquarters.

Evan Greebel, a New York lawyer, who is alleged in the federal indictment to have helped Shkreli in his schemes, was also arrested and charged. Like Shkreli, he pleaded not guilty, and he was freed on a $1 million bond. Both men and their lawyers declined to comment after their court appearance.

New York Lawyer Evan Greebel
New York Lawyer Evan Greebel

In the federal indictment and a complaint by the Securities and Exchange Commission, authorities say Shkreli began losing money and lying to investors from the time he began managing money. In his mid-20s, he got nine investors to place $3 million with him and at one point he had only $331.

Securities fraud is hardly unheard of on Wall Streeet and the amounts involved here are nowhere near on the scale of Bernie Madoff. But Shkreli’s case has drawn such attention because of his defiant price-gouging and his own up-by-the-bootstraps history.

The son of immigrants from Albania and Croatia who did janitorial work and raised him and his brothers in working-class Brooklyn, Shkreli seemed at first to embody the American dream and then to mock it.

Along with the Ponzi scheming, he’s also been running these pharmaceutical companies like Jewish hedge funds. In September of this year, his company Turing obtained the manufacturing license for the anti-Malarial drug Daraprim and raised its price by 5,500 percent (from US$13.50 to US$750 per tablet).

As a racist, I am of course going to have to point out that this is what allowing unlimited immigration from anywhere leads to – corruption and general dysfunction. Along with being naturally honest people, Northern European people have an extremely difficult time imagining that other people may be naturally dishonest. As such, we are left wide-open to this type of behavior from Jews and other non-Whites.

Martin Shkreli was presumably, like Maddoff, defrauding Jews who are themselves defrauding Whites, which is probably why he was arrested at all.

“Shekreli” is the name of an Albanian tribe with some interesting history.

Shkreli tribespeople, 1909
Shkreli tribespeople, circa 1904


Shkreli is a historical tribe (and region) in Northern Albania (see Malësia). With expansion of the Ottoman Empire, part of the tribe migrated to Rugova beginning in ca. 1700, after which they continued to migrate into the Sandžak region (today in Serbia and Montenegro). The Shkreli tribe converted into Islam in the 18th century, while the Shkreli in Sandžak (known as Škrijelj/Serbian: Шкријељ) over time were Islamized and today declare Bosniak ethnicity.

The tribe has now mainly left Albania (like the majority of the Albanian population, in fact). And I guarantee you can look up any man bearing this name, and wherever they be, there’s a 10 to 1 chance they’re going to be involved in some type of criminal activity.

Albanians are a fascinating group to look at when considering race and ethnicity. Criminality is deep in their blood, in the way it is in the blood of the Jews. They converted to Islam during the Turkish occupation purely to gain an advantage over the Slavs. The terroristic nature of the religion no doubt also appealed to their racial nature, which is inclined towards radical violence.

Flash forward to now, and Albanians are running criminal enterprises all across the planet. They are the number one traffickers of drugs (especially heroin) in Europe, they run illegal organ-trafficking and sex trafficking businesses.

They're everywhere: An Albanian drug gang arrested in Wales last year.
They’re everywhere: An Albanian drug gang arrested in Wales last year.
This recognizable ISIS spokesperson is Albanian.
This recognizable ISIS spokesperson is Albanian.

They also run an expansionist, imperial state which uses terrorism and gangsterism instead of traditional armies to take territory. Their terrorist groups are aligned with NATO.

It is perfectly logical to judge a person’s character on their ethnicity. If someone has a Jewish or Albanian last name and they rip you off, it is your own fault for getting involved with them.