Alabaster Skinned Aryan Beauty Asia Argento has Sex with Neo-Nazi Who Defended Her Honor on Twitter

Shmuley Ben Shekelheim
The Atlantic
March 19, 2020

Alabaster skinned Aryan beauty Asia Argento had her innocence taken from her by Harvey Weinstein.

A neo-Nazi from Twitter was delighted this week when alabaster skinned Aryan beauty Asia Argento made a surprise visit to his house in order to have sex with him as a reward for defending her Aryan honor on Twitter.

Mike Richards, a 27-year-old gas station attendant and neo-Nazi who lives in a trailer a few miles outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, had been pouring a lot of energy into Twitter lately in the defense of Aryan women who were raped by Harvey Weinstein.

Richards was drawn into the battle for the honor of Aryan women who were raped by Weinstein when he saw that some people on the internet, particularly those in the far-right, didn’t believe the women’s stories.

“I’ve always been a big respecter of women,” Richards told me, “but when I saw people were defending the Jew Harvey Weinstein, I knew that I had to get more involved in fighting for a future where all women are believed, regardless of what they’re saying.”

“In particular, I wanted to stand up against that misogynist manlet Anglin,” he said, referring to Andrew Anglin, a prominent figure in the far right who refuses to believe aspiring actresses who say they were raped. “I was just looking at the pictures of these women, with their beautiful alabaster skin, and thinking about how short and pathetic he is, how weak he must be to not believe the truth of women, and I just thought, ‘he’s working for the Jews, man.’ So I really started to go hard against him on Twitter, trying to convince as many people as possible that his refusal to believe women shows he’s an incel and Jew agent.”

As Richards thought about Anglin’s refusal to believe the alabaster skinned Aryans, he clinched his fist.

“What Anglin doesn’t understand is that even if Weinstein didn’t force the Aryan girls to do anything, it was still rape because of the power differential between a rich man and a naive middle class girl just trying to make an honest living in Hollywood. These girls had dreams of stardom, in their innocence, and Weinstein the Jew took advantage of them, he exploited their angelic purity and tarnished their pure alabaster skin with his dirty Jewish hands. He stole their innocence away from them. Anglin doesn’t know anything about women, because he is an incel. He doesn’t know anything about true Aryan honor,” he said through intensely clenched teeth.

“He’s short. Did you know he’s short? What does a manlet know about the honor of true Aryans?”, he said, becoming visibly more angry with each word. “He also believes in the Jewish scam of Christianity. What does rabbi Jesus know of Aryan honor?”

As he spoke of Christianity, he nodded towards a painting of the Norse god Odin hanging from the wall.

“As for me, I worship the old gods, the gods of our ancestors, and our ancestors knew the strength of Aryan women. Before Christianity, our women would fight side-by-side with men, on the frontlines of battle, because our Aryan men knew that they were strong. Once the Jewish system of Christianity came in, they began to oppress women in a Jewish way, so women lost their skills on the battlefield,” he said.

As I spoke with Richards, Argento worked diligently in the kitchen, making him eggs.

“He likes them over-easy,” Argento told me. “We’re really getting to know each other, now that I’ve decided to make him my little Aryan warrior.”

She rubbed Richards’ head, messing his hair as his face lit up.

“Come on, babe, I gotta look good for the cameras,” he said, referring to a camera crew that was set up on the home recording footage for a part of a documentary on men who are rewarded with sex for defending the honor of women on the internet.

“You always look good, hon,” Argento shot back, sitting the eggs down in front of him.

One of the eggs was a little bit runny, and he frowned at it slightly, before smiling. As Argento went back into the kitchen, he whispered to me, “I don’t like my eggs runny, but that’s okay. If I tell her I don’t like them runny, that’s third-degree rape. We have to have those laws to protect Aryan women from Jews who groom them. I’ve never heard of any Aryan woman accusing a white man of rape, unless he was an ugly manlet and a beta male cuck, but I wouldn’t ever want to disrespect her like that, by making her think I don’t like her eggs.”

Argento returned from the kitchen, and sat down next to Richards. She began to massage his shoulders and lightly nibble on his earlobe.

I asked her about how she became interested in Richards.

“After my rapist Harvey was sentenced to prison, I was scanning neo-Nazi accounts on Twitter, and I saw Mikey’s handle, NorseWolfOdinson88, and I saw the passion with which he was respecting women and believing in their truth. So I send him a DM, and bought a ticket from Los Angeles to Ann Arbor an hour later. I guess the rest is history,” she said, running her hands through Richards’ hair.

“It’s really that simple,” Richard said, nodding. “These manlet incels don’t understand, because they have low self-esteem because they’re ugly.”

“It isn’t looks that turns a woman on, babe,” Argento injected. “It’s respect. When a woman sees a man respecting her honor, and believing her, no matter what she says, she just gets so hot, and she’ll do anything to get in the bed of the man she sees with the highest levels of respect.”

She kissed him deeply. “Baby, I’m getting so hot right now, thinking of how much you respect me and believe everything I say.”

“We might need a little bit of private time,” Richards said, indicating he wanted to have sex with his Aryan bride in private. “After all, we’ve only done it what, 9 times today, babe?”

“Oh, you! It’s only 7 times! But I think you can make it to nine. Because you’re a very good boy, aren’t you? Yeah, good boy,” she said, squeezing his cheeks.

“We’re trying to get pregnant,” she said. “I want to bear his Aryan stallions, so we can repopulate the white race, just as Hitler would want us to do.”

“I think this is a lesson to everyone in the white nationalist community: respecting women will lead to sex. If you’re not having sex now, and you’re respecting women, then you just need to respect them harder. You need to get out there and really fight for their Aryan honor. I’m living proof that this tried and true technique works,” he said, rubbing the alabaster shoulders of his Aryan princess as he gazed at his painting of Odin.