Alabama Women’s Prison Charged with Massive Sexual Exploitation Scandal

Daily Stormer
January 23, 2014

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I’m gonna go ahead and wager the guards involved were black.

From the Daily Mail:

Inmates at an Alabama women’s prison have been raped, sodomized and sexually abused by guards and in some instances allegedly forced to perform sex acts to obtain basic sanitary supplies, a U.S. Department of Justice report released on Wednesday revealed.

The report was the result of a year-long investigation into conditions at the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women, which is located in central Alabama and holds more than 900 inmates. It is also home to the only death row for women in the state.

‘The women at Tutwiler universally fear for their safety,’ federal officials wrote in a 36-page letter to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley.

‘They live in a sexualized environment with repeated and open sexual behavior including: abusive sexual contact between staff and prisoners, sexualized activity, including a strip show condoned by staff,’ the report said.

Around a third of employees at Tutwiler have had sex with female inmate, it was reported.

The report found that allegations of sexual abuse are ‘grossly under-reported’ because of inmates’ fear of retaliation.

Dozens of inmates were interviewed as part of the investigation and 233 letters were received from women currently serving time at the prison.

Roughly a quarter of the prison population reported abuse including sexual harassment, dehumanizing behavior, excessive use of force and inadequate medical care.

Multiple women over several years made similar abuse allegations – which were backed up by some current and former staff.

The Alabama Department of Corrections is failing to protect the prison’s inmates in violation of their constitutional rights, the Justice Department said.