Alabama: Roy Moore/Steve Bannon Pull-Off Upset Against Luther Strange/GOP Establishment

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2017

Sanctioned Alabama judge Roy Moore has just ruthlessly primary’d GOP donor favorite Luther Strange in the race for Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat.

Moore ran on a hardline anti-immigration platform, believes homosexuality should be illegal, and became a folk hero when he defied a federal court order demanding white Christians be driven out of public and forced into the closet. The man who campaigned in a cowboy hat with a gun in his hand was Steve Bannon’s pick in the race.

The loser, Strange, is a dirtbag who had full support from the McConnell-Ryan gang, millions of dollars in bribes from lobbyists, and even got Trump and Pence to go down to beg the people of Alabama to vote for him. (((Jared Kushner))) was the one who pressured Trump to endorse this establishment candidate.

This is a huge embarrassment for Trump and a victory for Trumpism.

Fox News:

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was projected to soundly defeat Sen. Luther Strange in Tuesday’s Senate primary runoff, overcoming heavy GOP establishment support for the incumbent, including from President Trump himself.

The hard-fought Alabama runoff battle had pitted Trump against some of his most loyal supporters including former chief strategist Steve Bannon, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and a slew of House conservatives who all backed Moore. Despite his outsider image, Moore seemed to have the edge over Strange from the start.

With 92 percent of the precincts reporting, Moore led Strange by 55 percent to 45 percent, a margin of more than 41,000 votes. State officials estimated a low turnout of between 12 and 15 percent of eligible voters.

The crowd at Moore’s election party broke into loud applause as media outlets called the race. Bannon took the stage to introduce Moore as supporters waving flags cheered Tuesday night.

“We have to return the knowledge of God and the Constitution of the United States to the United States Congress,” Moore told the crowd. He also said he supports the president and his agenda.

Bannon declared Moore’s win a victory for Trump, despite the president’s support for Strange. Both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Alabama to make the case for the incumbent in the final week of the race.

In his concession statement, Strange thanked Trump and Pence for their support and vowed to “go back to work with President Trump and do all I can to advance his agenda over the next few weeks.”

Addressing supporters in Birmingham, Strange admitted that “We’re dealing with a political environment that I’ve never had any experience with.”

“I’m telling you, the political seas and winds in this country right now are very hard to navigate,” Strange added. “Very hard to understand.”

After Strange’s concession, the president Tweeted his congratulations to Moore and implored him to “WIN in [December]!”

Moore is now the favorite in December’s general election against Democrat Doug Jones, a lawyer and former U.S. attorney during President Bill Clinton’s administration. The winner of that race will complete the Senate term started by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and be up for re-election in 2020.

The Moore-Strange race was seen by many as a proxy battle between Trump’s Jews (Kushner, Cohn, Mnuchin) and former White House adviser Bannon.

Here is Bannon’s take on Moore’s victory.

The Hill:

Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon celebrated Roy Moore’s victory in Tuesday night’s GOP Senate primary in Alabama as the beginning of a “revolution” for insurgent Republicans looking to challenge incumbent senators.

In a speech introducing Moore before his victory speech, Bannon recalled his comments at a pro-Moore rally on Monday night.

He pointed to Moore’s victory and Tuesday’s announcement by Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) that he’ll retire at the end of 2018 as proof that the insurgent right is on the rise. Corker had been targeted as a potential incumbent for Bannon and his allies to pick off in a GOP primary.

“Last night we talked about starting a revolution with Judge Moore’s victory. Well, Sen. Corker stepped down today, he’s not going to run for reelection,” Bannon said.

“You are going to see in state after state after state, people that follow the model of Judge Moore, that do not have to raise money form the elites, the crony capitalists, from the fat cats in Washington DC, New York City and Silicon Valley.”

(((Elites, crony capitalists and fat cats from Washington DC, New York City and Sillicon Valley))) didn’t get their way this time?


Roy Moore is not really all that unusual for the Bible belt. The reason Jews are whining about this is their traditional way of rigging elections is becoming obsolete: elites threw money, personalities and good MSM coverage behind Strange, yet the man with the more radical and popular ideas won anyway.

As usual, the only way to truly gauge the nature of these political conflicts is to read both Jews and anti-Jews. These are the only two groups that know exactly what is going on and won’t bore you with any fluff.

Here is the infamous white-hating Zionist demagogue Jennifer Rubin’s ominous take shortly before the ballots were counted.

Washington Post:

The last few polls in the GOP Senate primary runoff show alt-right hero and ousted judge Roy Moore leading Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.), whom Trump campaigned for and endorsed, by double digits. The RealClearPolitics poll average shows Moore leading by more than 10 percentage points.

A loss for Strange would be a stunning rebuke to the president and to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), a sign that Trump has unleashed extreme, unhinged populist sentiments that not even he can contain.

In addition, a loss for the Trump-backed candidate would serve as enormous encouragement to former Trump senior strategist and Breitbart editor Stephen K. Bannon, who backs Moore and is threatening to run other extremists against GOP incumbents. If someone as wacky as Moore (who, for example, thinks homosexuality should be illegal) can run and win against the president’s candidate, what is to stop any alt-right novice politician from successfully challenging, say, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), not to mention vulnerable Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Dean Heller (R-Nev.).

The most serious consequence of a Strange loss would be the further diminution of Trump’s stature and ability to wield power even within the GOP. He is likely to fail on health-care reform and quite possibly tax reform. His ratings are in the cellar. (According to the latest CBS News poll, “His rating for handling health care is the lowest this poll tested — at just 29 percent. Immigration meets just 35 percent approval. His overall approval rating, also now at 35 percent, is one point lower than August, and the lowest it has reached in this poll so far.”) Having achieved no significant legislative victory and proving himself to be electorally impotent in Alabama, Trump would surely be drained of whatever political sway over congressional Republicans he had. They, in turn, will be even less likely to follow his lead and provide cover for his excesses. The result is likely to be more gridlock, more dysfunction and more political defeats.

Running candidates people actually want in order to get rid of Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham bottom-feeders (literally in Graham’s case) would be a leap in the right direction. Both Flake and Graham should be working at the Israeli embassy, not the US Congress. John McCain I won’t mention since it looks like he’s going to get primary’d by his tumor.

Trump is taking a huge and pointless gamble in not having Bannon in the White House. The smart thing to do would be to fire the Goldman Sachs Jews and Kushner to make room for Bannon.

Bannon is already busy trying to make Steve Wagner governor of Pennsylvania and is involving himself with races across the country. If Trump finds himself going through the motions to please (((GOP donors))) and their agents Ryan and McConnell, he is going to die from a thousand cuts.