Louisiana Cop Saves America from Race War with Interracial Hug

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2015

Alabama cops shuts down racism and saves America
Welcome to the new taxpayer-funded African American child-minding service

America’s imminent Jew-sponsored race war was averted by the brave actions of a White Louisiana cop who picked up a lost dindu-boy and hugged him, The Daily Mail reports.

The dindu, whose black mother was following in the cultural tradition of being negligently absent along with the boy’s father, was left wandering dazed around a local festival without any purple drank or Skittles until a stranger found the frightened roidlet and brought him to the cop. In a move that surprised the racist southern state that still worships Confederate war criminals, the cop did not shoot the oppressed minor, because his little black life mattered: although, not so much to his parents, it would seem.

A Louisiana cop has managed to put a smile on quite a few faces this week after a heartwarming photo attending to a little who was lost lit up the internet.

The police officer has since been identified as David Taylor, a member of the force in Crowley, who said a young woman brought he child to him as he patrolled the International Rice Festival at the weekend, and that the boy was clearly distressed.

‘He was extremely upset … I put him on my shoulders to see if he would be able to see his parents,’ Taylor told ABC News.

It took Taylor about half an hour to find the boy’s mother, by which time the little one had calmed down and eventually fell asleep.

What came as an added shock is that the cop in question is bald, which makes him a Nazi skinhead. According to the movie American History X, he was supposed to force the unarmed black child to lay on the ground and bite the curb, while he stomped the back of his head.

Games White people like
Games White people like

Texas resident Betty Thomas actually witnessed Taylor’s efforts while at the festival.

We were walking through looking at things and we saw the police officer with the little boy that was lost,’ she told KLFY.

‘I understand that he helped the little boy for quite a while until he found the mother and that was just really great to see,’ she added.

‘He was just showing him the sights and holding him and keeping him comfortable.’

For Carolyn Senegal, who recently moved to Crowley from Lake Charles, it was a welcomed change from the stories about police officers that have been dominating headlines of late.

‘I think it’s awesome because we hear so much negative things about our police officers today so I’m happy to say that I’ve seen something that’s a positive image,’ she told the network.

‘That’s an officer going above and beyond the call of duty.’

But by not doing this Nazi curb-stomp trick, the racist cop instead showed that not all White people are genocide-obsessed fascists descended from Josef Mengele, but the majority are. The nation was so impressed it called off the race war. At least for the time being.

So next time some dindu is robbing a convenience store to get his reparations for slavery, maybe the trigger-happy cop will remember Officer Taylor and Hug Boy, holster his weapon, and embrace the oppressed minority instead. It makes sense considering that Whites are responsible for every facet of race relations, and if things go sour, it is solely the fault of Whites who did slavery and had wars.

Besides, there is a black storm-trooper in the new Star Wars movie, so we are not different after all.

This scene from the latest Star Wars proves that Whites are responsible for everything that happens in the lives of black people
This scene from the latest Star Wars proves that Whites are responsible for everything that happens in the lives of black people