Alabama: After Local Police Officer is Given Back His Gun by the State, Gun Kills Wife

Is it patriarchal male sexist abusers that kill their wives?

Or do guns do it?

NBC News:

Late one night in February 2019, a 31-year-old woman in a troubled marriage was rushed to an emergency room in a Birmingham, Alabama, suburb, with a gunshot wound in her upper right arm.

“He shot me,” Megan Montgomery told doctors, according to an investigative report obtained exclusively by NBC News. By “he,” she meant her husband, a local police officer named Jason McIntosh.

Police took her husband’s pistol away. Nine months later, the state’s top law enforcement agency gave it back, despite pending domestic violence charges and an active protective order. Just 16 days after that, he used the gun to shoot and kill her during another late-night dispute.

Megan’s loved ones were shattered by the loss of a devoted daughter and sister, a marketing professional with a passion for animal rescue. They were stunned to be told recently by NBC News that the state had given her abuser back the weapon he used to kill her.

“So the restraining order can prohibit him from ‘contacting, phoning, texting, harassing, stalking,’ but oh by the way, you can have a gun? That’s ridiculous,” said Megan’s mother, Susann Montgomery-Clark.

What’s ridiculous, Susan, is that your daughter is such a filthy slut. But it’s not surprising, as I read she has a step-father, because Susan is herself a filthy slut.

If you raise your daughter up to be a grimy skank, the likelihood is that eventually she’ll end up in a situation where a man just can’t take it anymore.

It is shocking he used a gun, however.

In our insane and anti-Christian society, it is illegal for a man to kill his whore wife. So if you’ve decided you’re willing to go to prison in order to give that bitch what she’s asking for, then why not use your fists and just keep punching her in the face until she dies?

Look at that face:

Imagine thinking “oh I’ll just use a gun – it’s quicker” – when you could instead repeatedly just keep smashing that face with your fist?

In the Bible, the punishment for sluts was death by stoning. This means that a group of people would gather around that bitch and throw rocks at her until she died. That law was made in the bronze age, and they knew how to make nooses. But they chose stoning over hanging because it was slower, much more humiliating, and created a public spectacle. Also, of course, it allowed everyone in the community to be involved in the cathartic process of ridding the community of a poisonous cunt.

Modern Christians (Judeo-Christians, frankly) won’t ever try explain stoning, because they aren’t really Christians and they are opposed to Biblical values. They will also falsely claim that women don’t deserve to die for initiating a divorce.

To be clear: the reason women deserve to be brutally killed for slut behavior is because it is justice, but it is also a deterrent. If women saw another woman stoned for destroying her family, they would be approximately six million times less likely to destroy their own family.

Imagine how much suffering women produce. You’re going to tell me that it is worse to have a stoning now and again?

Of course not. That is “totally destroy basic freedom and everyone’s livelihood in order to stop the elderly from dying of the flu” logic.

People are not smarter than God, which is why we have the Bible in the first place.

That said, I do not encourage anyone to kill their slut wife. Yes, it is justified, in a moral and a Biblical sense, but it is not worth destroying your own life to give that bitch what she deserves.

The only advice I can give men is to hide all of your money. That’s all you can really do in preparation for when she divorces you. We’re probably looking at effectively a 100% divorce rate for millennial women married after the age of 25, so the worst thing you can do is imagine that your wife is special and let your guard down. Obviously, every man thinks his wife is special, or he wouldn’t marry her in the first place – and yet most men end up totally destroyed or enslaved by that cunt.

You should also never let her isolate you to her friends’ circle. And, if possible, you should get her own family on your side. There are other obvious things that you will think of if you are brave enough to accept the fact that you are on a clock, waiting for that bitch to get bored and decide to destroy your family.

The good news is that hopefully we are facing an apocalypse in the next few years, where women will no longer have the options they have now, and will be forced to remain with men.

Number one thing is this: she doesn’t love you in the way you love her. It is physiologically impossible for her to feel those emotions you feel. She will betray you and she will feel nothing. No matter how good she is, that is true. All of her emotions that are not selfish are fake and ways to manipulate you. Like a black man punching a random old Asian person in the face, she will hurt you because she finds it amusing.