Al Sharpton Demands… I Don’t Even Know, Man, Just Watch the Video

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2014

Witness here Al Sharpton talking about a march on Washington and demanding various things. I watched the video twice and I don’t really understand exactly what it is he is demanding.

He is really just whining and blaming Whitey for Black people’s problems.

There is an important question that needs to be asked here:

Even if Trayvon, Michael Brown and Eric Garner were killed for no reason, what does it have to do with the fact that Blacks consistently fail at everything? White people are being slaughtered on the streets daily by Blacks, and we are not claiming that this effects our ability to act like normal people. No White person is saying that.

This Black oppression is just a gigantic idiot lie created by Jews – every racist I know would rather Blacks act like normal people than act the way they do now – but even if it existed, it would not be anywhere close to explaining the abject failure that is the Negro race.

There are no White cops in Africa. Oh yes, Al, remember Africa? Your people have an entire continent. An entire continent of pure failure. You can’t even pick up diseased corpses from your own streets in Liberia, Al.

Is that Whitey’s fault to? Because he shot some guy?

At what point is this so ridiculous that everyone becomes angry?