Al-Jazeera States Directly That the Daily Stormer is a Russian Conspiracy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2020

Me right now

When I read the media talking about “Russian hackers,” I keep thinking they’re talking about me. Because everything they accuse Russia of saying on the internet is stuff that I said on the internet. The Mueller Report itself appeared to be talking about me.

But I have yet to be outright accused of being a Russian by a mainstream media outlet. Until right now.

“AJ+” is an Al-Jazeera outlet to promote the Islamic agenda to the youth of Western countries. They posted a video this week on Twitter entitled “Digital Blackface is a Thing.”

Starting at 1:35 in the video, it reads: “Russian agents infiltrated Black Twitter. They created fake accounts posing as Black activists.” It then immediately goes to quotes from my classic 2016 article “How to be a Nigger on Twitter.”

This is a major media outlet just openly accusing me of being a “Russian agent.”

I could sue them.

But I won’t.

I would lose anyway.

Because after Charlottesville, if you’re in any way associated with white activism, you just automatically lose whenever you are in court for any reason.

But it is quite a thing to have them just saying this.

And I’m sure in the future they will cite Al-Jazeera as a source proving that I’m a Russian agent.

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