Al Gore has Been Completely Toasted by Global Warming

You thought Al Gore was a fraud and a scam artist when he claimed in 2004 that the world was going to burn up.

However, here we are in 2020 – or, perhaps, 2021 – and shockingly, Al Gore himself has been totally burned up by global warming.

You might say he is “toasted,” in fact.

Gore appeared this weekend on CNN to whine about Donald Trump, broadcasting from a dark room with a blue line in it. His skin has been roasted.

Thus far, the toasting of Al Gore is the most conclusive – and definitive – evidence yet for the truth of the global warming hoax.

Unless this man literally put himself inside a gigantic toaster to toast himself, then the only thing that could possibly have happened to his roasted visage is that it was toasted by global warming.

Gore was once a white man, and yet he now appears like that Indian who cried when people dumped trash on his booze farm.

We have no choice now but to surrender everything to a global totalitarian government, hellbent on depopulating us with deadly coronavirus vaccines.

If we don’t do that, then the crispy fate of Al Gore awaits all of us.