Airplane Passenger on Flight from New York to Florida Informs Crew After Landing That He Tested Positive

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2020

Hey Donald – how’s the “quarantine honor system” working out?


JetBlue banned a passenger who flew from New York to Florida while awaiting the results of a coronavirus test and notified the crew after landing that they came back positive, the airline said.

The passenger left John F Kennedy International Airport and landed at West Palm Beach on Wednesday night. He did not disclose to anyone at JetBlue that he was awaiting results of a coronavirus test, the airline said.

On arrival, the passenger told the crew that he’d been notified the test was positive and cleaning immediately started for the areas he went through based on security camera footage, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said. They included gates, security checkpoints, check-in counters and kiosks, elevators and restrooms.

“Last night’s event put our crewmembers, customers, and federal and local officials in an unsettling situation that could have easily been avoided, and as such, this customer will not be permitted to fly on JetBlue in the future,” the airline said in a statement Thursday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has asked people feeling unwell, those who believe they may have coronavirus or those who are awaiting test results to avoid travel until they are cleared by a medical professional.

You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if the passenger was a Jew.

JetBlue hates the Jews.

But seriously.

America does not contain a functional society. No one cares about anyone else, because of feminism, multiculturalism and all of these other “experiments” that have been forced on us which have caused the bottom to fall out on the social order.

So the idea that people are going to voluntarily quarantine is dumb.

No one is going to do it.

This guy at least told the crew after landing that he’d tested positive, which most people probably wouldn’t do in modern America.

What we need to do is shut everything down completely and ban everyone from leaving their homes for anything other than medical treatment or food. That is the only plan here that makes any kind of logical sense at this point.

We previously could have contained the spread by enacting these measures in just a few cities, but it is much too late for that. We would have to lock down the entire country in order to solve this.

But that isn’t going to happen, so whatever.

Millions of people are going to die.

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