Airline Passenger Charged $10,500 Fine for Not Wearing a Mask

What the coronavirus hoax has done is brought in a new world of acceptance.

People have acclimated themselves to not having any freedom, so they are no longer willing to push back against people taking their freedoms.

Coronavirus is doom now in the minds of many goyim, and anything is justified to stop doom.

New York Post:

A budget airline customer who refused to mask up was hit with a massive $10,500 fine.

The unidentified flier defied flight attendants who asked him seven times to wear his mask over his mouth and nose on a Feb. 27 Allegiant trip from Provo, Utah, to Mesa, Arizona, according to the FAA.

The passenger also argued with workers and cornered a flight attendant after the plane landed to complain about the mask policy, the feds said.

The man touched the woman during the confrontation, which intimidated the flight attendant and made her cry, officials said.

He probably just tapped her over the shoulder to get her attention.