Air Force Lieutenant General Loses a Star for Fat-Shaming a Female Airman

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2019

Air Force Lieutenant General Lee Levy

Hurting the feelings of women is probably the worst crime ever and also the trickiest to prevent, because it’s just so easy to commit it without even trying.

Daily Mail:

An Air Force Lieutenant General has been stripped of his third star following an investigation into his professional conduct at The Air Force Sustainment Center in Oklahoma.

According to Air Force Times, the Office of the Inspector General (IG) heard damning evidence against Lt. Gen. Lee Levy earlier this year, including claims from multiple people that he fat-shamed one low-ranking female airman.

The female airman – who has not been publicly identified – told the IG that Levy once embarrassed her by singling her out in front of colleagues and saying: ‘Oink, oink. Are you really eating again?’

On a separate occasion, whilst the pair were traveling in a government car together, the woman claims Levy told her: ‘If you lose a few pounds, maybe the vehicle would have less strain on it.’ 

He also allegedly told the woman to watch how much she ate as her uniform pants may become too tight. The female airman’s testimony was reportedly corroborated by several of her colleagues.

Having overweight people in any kind of military or police force should be against the law.

Fat-shaming fat airmen is both a labor of love and a duty towards the country.

It keeps fellow airmen safe and healthy, and consequently, it makes the people they’re protecting safer.

Levy told the IG that he didn’t remember the incidents, and that any comments were ‘part of good-natured give-and-take between the two of them’.

However, Levy’s lawyer told The Air Force Times on Monday that his client has denied making pig noises and never made comments intended to be demeaning.

Levy left the The Air Force Sustainment Center more than a year ago, before the report by the IG was conducted.

However, he retired earlier this month as a two-star general after being stripped of his third star in light of the report’s conclusion, which stated that his ‘comments were inappropriate, particularly given his position and the public contexts in which they were made’.  

Levy was incredibly high-powered, serving as the Air Force Sustainment Center’s Commander, ‘leading nearly 43,000 US and UK airmen to deliver global combat effects’, according to an official military biography.

Women’s feelings are ruling the West. Hurting their feelings is the same as betraying your master.

Their tears are indisputable proof of wrongdoing.

Another female colleague in Levy’s command claimed her mental health suffered because of the general’s conduct.

There were a lot of nights when I would come home just in tears,’ the woman told the IG.

Another descried Levy’s work environment as ‘infused with fear and intimidation’.

Fat-shaming is only hurtful to overweight people.

If women can’t handle fat-shaming comments and don’t have the self-control and discipline to stop themselves from eating and to lose their excess weight, how are they supposed to handle combat?

Are they going to cry as they fly their attack aircraft?

What if the enemy says something really mean to them?

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