AIPAC Conference Disrupted by People Telling the Jews to Stop Killing Arabs to Steal Their Land

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2020

How dare you?

Jewish Press:

It’s easy to detect anti-Semites when they hang around the AIPAC policy conference in Washington, DC, yelling, “The Holocaust will come back to you,” in a thick, Arabic accent.

It’s a little more complicated when they come from good, Jewish homes and proclaim that all they want to do is alter Israel’s “occupation” of the Arabs in the pre-1967 territories. So when they disrupt the most important political event for Jews in America, you are tempted to view them as misdirected youths who could benefit from some education on events between 1878 and this Monday.

But the you watch their video “AIPAC’s Unholy Alliance,” you suddenly realize that these nice kids are expert propaganda makers, in the best tradition of Julius Streicher, if Julius Streicher had a Facebook account.

Here’s that video.

Many people have many explanations for why Jews attack themselves.

Part of it is obviously just that they want to have control over their own opposition, and make it look like not all Jews support Israel.

But I think an issue that probably gets overlooked is how naturally rebellious Jews are, and the fact that now that Jews are in control, they are starting to rebel against themselves.

Maybe this will end up being good for white people?

I don’t know.