“Aid Worker” Traitor Faces 20 Years in Prison for Giving Food and Water to Undocumented Migrants

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2019

Scott Warren, 36

Assisting the invaders is treason.

Traitors should be punished.

Daily Mail:

A humanitarian aid volunteer who gave food, water and other supplies to undocumented migrants that crossed the US southern border into Arizona is facing up to 20 years in federal prison.

Scott Warren, 36, of Ajo, Arizona, was arrested by US Border Patrol agents on January 17, 2018, along with two undocumented men: Kristian Perez-Villanueva of El Salvador and Arnaldo Sacaria-Goday of Honduras.

Prosecutors charged Warren with three counts of harboring and conspiring to harbor illegal aliens. His trial began Wednesday at the US District Courthouse in Tucson.

Warren is a volunteer for No More Deaths – an aid group that leaves potentially life-saving supplies for migrants traversing Arizona’s desolate Sonoran Desert after they have crossed the US border from Mexico.

“Until a world without borders.”

He’s one of at least five No More Deaths volunteers to be prosecuted by federal law enforcement officials since the Trump administration began arresting the southern border humanitarian activists in 2017.

The two migrant men Warren was arrested with showed up at No More Deaths’ base of operations in Ajo, known as ‘the Barn,’ as Warren was arriving back from a grocery store, according to Tuscon.com.

The men said they’d only consumed sports drinks and a burrito during their grueling two-day trek across the desert region. Warren cooked them a meal, gave them clothes and let them reside at the Barn for three days before US Border Patrol agents arrived and arrested all three of them.

No More Deaths has said Warren’s arrest was federal authorities’ response to the aid group releasing a video showing border patrol agents destroying water jugs that the activists had left for migrants.

They point out that Warren was arrested mere hours after the video was released.

US Attorney Nathaniel Walters said Warren’s case ‘is not about humanitarian aid,’ but rather about whether or not Warren ‘intended to violate the law,’ by shielding  Perez-Villanueva and Sacaria-Goday from border patrol agents.

‘No More Deaths is not on trial. Scott Warren is,’ Walters said.

US Border Patrol agents John Marquez and Brendan Burns told the court they began surveillance of Warren at the Barn for the first time on the day of his arrest.

They said they were looking for two suspected undocumented migrants who had been spotted wandering around a local gas station.

Surveillance video showing Perez-Villanueva and Sacaria-Goday buying sports drinks, food and cigarettes at the gas station and hanging out in a cafeteria area was shown to the court, according to the Tucson Sentinel.

Burns told the jury that while he was surveilling the Barn, he saw Warren pointing out landmarks to the migrant men that would help them avoid Border Patrol checkpoints.

If the problem is “shielding” invaders from border patrol agents, then there’s no doubt that this Scott Warren traitor is guilty because he didn’t immediately call the authorities the moment he learned that those two males were illegal aliens.

Everyone who knows the location of illegal aliens and doesn’t report them is a collaborator.

Turning a blind eye to the invaders invading you aids the invasion process.

Join the Census Bureau as soon as possible.

If these traitors want to legally help the invaders, they should wait until Border Patrol is done processing them first.

America’s attitude towards the invasion is schizophrenic.

Charities are helping ridiculous numbers of “asylum seekers” everywhere without problems because they do so after the invaders were processed by border patrol agents and after a court date for their asylum hearings has been set.

But helping the Mordorlings before they interact with Border Patrol is illegal.


According to the traitor, he helps the enemy because the government is not helping the enemy enough.

‘People are dying right on the edge of our town. That’s what drives me to act,’ Warren’ told the New York Times during a recent interview.

The government is responsible for the crisis of death and disappearance… If you stop people from putting water in the desert, that’s going to make the desert even more deadly.

So it’s bad if a country doesn’t ensure the safety of the people invading it?

That’s some weird reasoning.

The government of America is not forcing these creatures of Mordor to invade the United States.

No one is forcing them to come here.

If they get hurt or die in the process of invading us, that’s on them, not us. They chose to invade us. They chose to come here.

That said, even though we should be punishing traitors, punishing traitors while processing the asylum claims of the invaders and allowing them to legally stay in America until their court hearings isn’t just contradictory — it’s Talmudic.