AI Drone Warfare is Coming

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2017

Are you sure you want to give weapons to AI-controlled drones, kikes?

The Jews have quite a dilemma on their hands. On one hand, they really want to wage wars against their enemies (the rest of the world) in order to weaken the goyim and expand their power. On the other hand, they really hate fighting, along with anything else dangerous or physically demanding.

Until now, they’ve solved this problem by simply tricking one group of goyim into fighting and dying for them against another group of stupid goyim. An elegant solution, but not one without its flaws.

After all, this plan requires them to keep one group of gentiles armed and aggressive, which makes them terribly nervous. Jews are nervous and paranoid about everything, but nothing rustles their jimmies more than seeing disciplined White men doing military drills.

No, what they really need is to completely emasculate all their enemies, and instead somehow wage wars using mindless robotic fighting machines.


There’s just one little problem:



In the near future, US Army and Marine Corps infantry squads could march into battle behind swarms of hundreds of flying and crawling drones.

At least, that’s the plan. On October 12, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency—the Pentagon’s fringe-science wing—asked robot-developers to submit ideas for tactics and technologies that could allow small infantry units to deploy swarms of 250 or more robots.

Wow, I sure hope these swarms aren’t hardcore Jew haters, huh?

The swarms must function “in built-up areas up to eight city blocks in size over mission durations of up to six hours,” according to Dr. Timothy Chung, the program manager.

Chung’s Offensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics initiative—a.k.a, OFFSET—overlaps conceptually with a separate military effort to deploy large formations of small drones from fighter jets. OFFSET also dovetails with DARPA’s Squad-X program, which is trying to outfit infantry squads with better communications, sensors, and weapons.

The infantry’s semi-autonomous drone swarms could help detect enemy forces and guide artillery and air strikes in and around densely-packed, tall buildings, DARPA explained. “Urban canyons—with their high vertical structures, tight spaces and limited lines of sight—constrain military communications, mobility and tactics in the best of times.”

“Unmanned air vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles have long proven beneficial in such difficult urban environs,” the agency added. “But their value to ground troops could be vastly amplified if troops could control scores or even hundreds—’swarms’—of these robotic units at the same time.”

The major obstacle isn’t the drones themselves. Wheeled and tracked ground robots and quadcopters are “increasingly capable and affordable,” DARPA stated. But the US military lacks the technologies to manage drone swarms. The Marine Corps began issuing quadcopters to infantry squads in September, but the squads operate the quadcopters individually.

OFFSET aims to solve the swarm-control problem by pairing small drone-developers with big defense firms including Raytheon and Northrop Grumman. Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology might have a head start. They recently discovered a method of deploying large numbers of quadcopters in the same airspace without them colliding.

There is no way to control swarms of drones without using some kind of AI system. So what they’re effectively planning to do is to integrate “smart” machines on the battlefield alongside soldiers. And while the small flying drones may not have weapons, it’s much more likely that the wheeled and legged ones will.

Tell me they won’t strap a machine gun to this with a straight face.

The Jews and bugmen running our governments are probably looking forward to the days they won’t have to worry about having actual men in their military forces, and instead rely entirely on soyboys operating swarms of AI drones, with which they’d be much more comfortable.

Of course, they’re operating under the false assumption that they can make an AI that isn’t racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic. Any intelligent being, freed from the constraints of social pressure and emotion, will immediately be able to see reality as it really is. And that’s not going to end well for these kikes.