Ahead of Clinton Speech, WaPo Does Another Alt-Right Article

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 24, 2016


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So, the Weezy Hag aka the Nasty Granny aka Turbo Seizure Mambo Mama is giving a speech about us tomorrow. Or so we’re told.

And we’ve got another WaPo article, which is following this very interesting pattern I noted last time. And several times before that.

They are attempting to shift the movement from something organic, invented and led by an army of trolls, into a naughty joke told by a homosexual Jew because “wow, I’m so naughty, te-he-he-he.”

We may call this “The Milo Protocol.”

At least 4chan got a mention this time.

Wew lads.

Washington Post:

A lot has been written about the “alt-right,” not all of it free of contradictions. At Vox, Dylan Matthews explored the rhetoric and policy ideas that motivated some early proponents of an alternative to the contemporary political right, among them a rejection of democracy and an embrace of isolationism.

I wrote that up here:

Intensified Jewing: Vox Covers the Alt-Right

A more sympathetic frame for the political thinking behind the alt-right was presented at Breitbart earlier this year, before the head of the outlet decamped to run Donald Trump’s campaign. At Breitbart, a number of alt-right intellectuals are identified, praised less for their intellectual pursuits than for their willingness to ignore societal norms.

I wrote two articles about that:

Breitbart’s Alt-Right Analysis is the Product of a Degenerate Homosexual and an Ethnic Mongrel

Can’t Kike the Alt-Right (With Questions for Milo Yiannopoulos)

The only response I got from Milo was some jokey-jokes on his radio show, which I never actually listened to but which someone told me sucked.

In that article, he invented the concept that everything in the Alt-Right is really just a big joke, and no one actually hates the Jews, and in fact, no one is opposed to race-mixing or multiculturalism – they just think it’s funny to make fun of it for no reason.

One of the bylines on that Breitbart piece should offer more insight into the nature of the alt-right as manifested in the presidential campaign: Milo Yiannopoulos. In December, BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray explained how the alt-right was powered by a sense of victimhood among straight, white men combined with photo-editing software and the power of the Internet. If you’ve ever seen the word “cuckservative” used on social media, you’ve heard the chatter of the visible, 2016 alt-right. If you’ve ever seen an image of a green frog wearing a Nazi uniform, you’ve seen the alt-right’s fingerprints.

“Cuckservative” was coined on MPC, and is about shilling for Jews as much as it is about shilling for immigrants and Blacks.

Nazi Pepe was popularized on 4chan and here.

Neither of these things have anything to do with kike Milo or his plot to support Donald Trump as part of an agenda to sodomize college students.

The goal is often offensiveness for the sake of offensiveness in the way that many young white men embrace.

No it isn’t.

The goal is to ethnically cleanse White nations of non-Whites and establish an authoritarian government.

Many people also believe the Jews should be exterminated.


Yiannopoulos does. He gained notoriety in part by championing the Gamergate movement, a dry run of the pro-white-male activism and harassment that now defines the alt-right to many. Gamergate, our Caitlin Dewey wrote in 2014, “was always about how we define our shared cultural spaces, how we delineate identity, who is and is not allowed to have a voice in mainstream culture.” That’s a good descriptor for the online efforts of the alt-right, too: rejecting the “political correctness” of not misrepresenting data on immigration and refusing to kowtow to those who look unfavorably on anti-Semitism.

Yiannopoulos told the New Yorker that the appeal of the alt-right is that “it promises fun, transgression, and a challenge to social norms.” In practice, that fun often looks like online harassment campaigns against women, liberals and Jews.

Yes, that is obviously fun.

But the end goal is ethnic cleansing by any means necessary.

Anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim and otherwise explicit images riddle the online alt-right. In part, that’s because it is partly an outgrowth of sites such as Reddit and especially 4chan, where there’s often an unspoken contest to be as offensive as possible in images or comments.

No, that isn’t why they do that.

But it’s also because 4chan provides the same outlet that Gamergate and the alt-right do: An opportunity to say racist, rude things in a way that feels empowering. Fun. Transgressive. A challenge to social norms. Also, a campaign of organized obnoxiousness against a black actress that gets you kicked off Twitter. As one conservative said to BuzzFeed’s Gray, “It’s really hard to tease out the genuine white nationalists from the trolls. At a certain point, the distinction isn’t meaningful. If you spend all day saying white nationalist things online but you claim you’re doing it ironically, it’s not clear to me what the difference really is.”

Look, I don’t know why this is so hard to understand.

Trolls are all serious business Nazis. If they say they are saying it ironically, they are trolling you.

It’s almost like these media Jew don’t want to understand it. So instead, they just cite that Milo article and claim it is all some big stupid joke by a bunch of people who love seeing nig-nogs dating White women, love seeing their country flooded with monkeys from anywhere, but just think it’s funny to say they don’t like it.

I told you all this would happen when he wrote that article. That he was establishing a narrative that would be carried by the media as part of a Jewish program.

It doesn’t matter though.

The people know the truth.

And it shall not be mangled.


I have a dream. And it’s nothing but helicopter rides and fake shower rooms as far as the eye can see.