Aggro White Bitch and Her Brown Female Compadre Launch Attack Maneuver on Pro-Trump White Family

More incredible video from the frontline of the revolution has emerged on the internets.

In the above clip from Wilmington, Delaware, near where Biden gave his DNC speech, a couple of women – an extremely large white one accompanied by a brown one – attacked a white family. The headline Fox News is running with relates to only a small part of the two minute clip.

Yes, a hat was stolen. But a whole lot more happened elsewise. For instance, at one point, this big white bitch punches a man in the face.

The basic event is that the aggressive women went and stole some pro-Trump signs. They then took a 7-year-old boy’s MAGA hat, and ran off. Then were pursued, and they went fully apeshit. The video ends with a black man (who was with the two girls) attempting to hold back the Mexican from attacking the white mother who was trying to get her son’s hat back.

The boy, whose name is Riley, received a call from the White House after the video went viral.

I hope it was Trump who made the call. I can just imagine how exciting that would be for a little boy.

White women are actual beasts. Watch the video, and just observe the size and build of this creature. If you live in an Anglo country, then you see it everyday anyway, and if you’re younger, you might not even be aware of how bizarre it is for a woman to be built like that.

We talk a lot about how hormonal disruptors in the environment are making men feminine, and we probably need to talk more about how the opposite is happening to women. They are being masculinized on a biological level. This is related to some of the same things that affect men, but it is also related to birth control pills, which most girls are put on as a matter of course when they enter high school.

Birth control pills are estrogen pills. But the way the hormonal system works, if you increase the hormone you’re supposed to have, your body starts increasing the opposite hormone to balance it. Men who use steroids have to be aware and deal with the fact that they will begin growing breasts. Typically, they take estrogen blockers. The reason that men grow breasts while injecting testosterone is that their body sees all of this testosterone and thinks the estrogen levels are too low, so it starts overproducing estrogen. Birth control pills, and xenoestrogens in the environment, cause women’s bodies to increase testosterone production, which leads to these beastly creatures.

I will never forget the time I brought a gook-loving friend of mine to Slavic Europe, where women are much healthier and do not take birth control. He told me: “these girls have bodies like Thais!” I replied: “no, they have bodies like women. Women in America have bodies like fantastic beasts.”

These are problems we need to deal with and we need to do it quickly.

The women in our country are completely unhinged and they are on a rampage. You see this woman in this video – do you think she will care if the blacks start killing us? Or will she be egging them on, howling?

She is a standard white women. This is what they are like now. They are in total beast-mode.