Aggressive Negroid Maniac Barack Obama: “I’m Basically a Liberal Jew”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 29, 2018

Obama has gone feral, we’ve been told.

He is back on the streets of Chicago, raping white women (or men…) and slanging crack cocaine. Repping them blood gangs with Chief Keef.

He’s even released a mix-tape wherein he instructs young negroid men on how to “cook up dem rocks” and “put dem hoes on da floo.”

But he occasionally makes an appearance among civilization.

To declare that he’s Jewish.


In a rare public appearance, former U.S. President Barack Obama spoke at a synagogue in New York City this week about his relationship with the Jewish community and his administration’s policy toward Israel. Obama described himself as “basically a liberal Jew” and said that criticizing Israel’s settlements in the West Bank was part of his support and friendship to Israel.

The event at Temple Emanuel in Manhattan marked the first time that Obama spoke publicly about Israel since leaving office. The 44th president said that his administration gave Israel more military support than any previous administration, referring to a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the United States and Israel during his last year in the White House. “This is not a matter of dispute,” he said.

When a nigga rite, he be rite.

Obama defended his decision to abstain at a December 2016 UN Security Council vote denouncing Israeli settlements. He explained that vetoing the resolution would have hurt “our credibility on human rights.” He also stated that “to be a true friend of Israel it is important to be honest about it, and the politics of this country sometimes do not allow for it.”

Obama said that the situation in the West Bank was “not sustainable” in the long term and could endanger Israel’s existence as a Jewish and democratic state. He warned that settlements could make the creation of a Palestinian state practically impossible if they continued to grow at the current pace. Obama also warned about what he called a “truth decay” in the political discourse in the United States.

Yeah, it was a weird situation.

Obama actually seemed to genuinely dislike Bibi.

His mindset was clearly one of “these Jews are white people oppressing a mass of brown folk.”

He also had this weird thing with Islam.

But let that be a lesson: you can’t ally with Negroes simply because they hate the Jews.