Aggressive Jew Congressman Max Rose Demands Whites be Classified as Terrorists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 22, 2020

Max Rose is an extremist Jew Congressman from Staten Island who is attempting to classify white people as foreign terrorists.

Yahoo News:

The first Jewish lawmaker to represent Staten Island — and the first Democrat elected by the Republican redoubt in a decade — Rose has recently emerged as a leading proponent of treating white supremacists no differently than law enforcement treats foreign terrorists.

Rose wants the federal government to recognize that white nationalist groups like the Rise Above Movement and the Atomwaffen Division are as serious threats to American citizens as the Islamic State or al-Qaida. The FBI has also acknowledged that threat, recently deeming homegrown extremists a “national threat priority.”

Atomwaffen is literally a satanic death cult run by a guy with a CAGE Code. They were actually planning terrorist attacks on a Discord server, talking about bombing nuclear power plants and blowing up trains, and nothing happened.

The Rise Above Movement, on the other hand, is a boxing club that got charged with “rioting” for fighting back against Antifa at right wing rallies. They have never been accused of anything other than that, and they were all sent to prison.

It seems to me that the feds are running Atomwaffen as a way to give Jews like Max Rose something to point at.

The group is still operating under the name “The Base,” and the feds are probably at some point going to have them blow something up or do a mass shooting so that they can inflict the laws that Rose is demanding on the American people.

For national-security-minded Democrats like Rose, however, the response to the threat has not been commensurate with its size. “This is extensive, it is global, it is frightening and it is not something we can afford to ignore,” says Rose, who in recent months has emerged as one of Washington’s most ardent supporters of expanded domestic terror statutes. He is among a growing number of Democrats who want the federal government to do a better job of identifying, tracking and ultimately prosecuting domestic terrorists.

Rose has two significant proposals. One, which would require congressional endorsement, requires the Department of Homeland Security to perform a “threat assessment” on foreign terror groups, which often have ties to domestic ones. While that may seem like a relatively minor point, it would represent a major advancement over the current state of affairs. The bill recently advanced out of the relevant committee.

Rose’s other proposal calls on the State Department to label transnational white extremist groups as foreign terrorist organizations. Such a label would effectively criminalize Americans’ ability to interact in any way with white extremists outside the United States, much in the same way that it is illegal to join or support the Islamic State. The State Department could make that designation on its own, without needing congressional approval. But it would need to justify adding groups to its terror list.

To underscore the threat of this global movement, Rose points to the relatively recent advent of the Base, a white supremacist group founded by an American living in Russia. “The Base” happens to be what “al-Qaida” translates to in English. And although the group’s founder appears to be based in Russia, his adherents have been arrested in Wisconsin and Georgia. According to the Anti-Defamation League, the Base touts “international locations including Australia, Canada and South Africa,” as well as “cells” in 10 U.S. states, from California to Minnesota to New Hampshire.

“There’s a global movement here,” Rose says.

Yeah it’s just so nice the way this organization – WHICH IS RUN BY A GUY WITH A CAGE CODE OPERATING A PRIVATE INTELLIGENCE GROUP IN WASHINGTON – serves as the centerpiece in all of this.

The issue is also personal for Rose, a descendant of Eastern European Jews, who grew up in the brownstone-lined Park Slope section of Brooklyn. He attended the prestigious Poly Prep Country Day private school, then went north to Connecticut to just-as-prestigious Wesleyan University. Then he did something that most people with prestigious educations do not do: He joined the Army.

“When you grow up Jewish in New York City, you think everyone’s Jewish,” Rose said. That changed in basic training. “And for the first time, you are the first Jew that someone’s met.”

So New York is a Jewish colony? This is something that Jewish Congressmen are openly admitting now?


If he wants to live in a country where everyone is Jewish – there is one of those.

He can go there.

But he won’t.

They want to be here. Because this is where we keep all our money.

“We have to stop talking about free speech,” he says, an allusion to the First Amendment rights that white supremacists frequently invoke, as do the civil libertarians who may loathe racism but worry about threats to the Constitution.

For terrorism experts, legitimate civil liberties concerns should not conceal the magnitude of the threat. “We are not talking about freedoms given to us by the Constitution,” says Ali Soufan, the terrorism expert who, when he was at the FBI, sounded the alarm about Islamic fundamentalists ahead of the Sept. 11 attacks. Now he is working with Rose, issuing similar warnings about white extremists.

Some believe that such warnings are excessive and counterproductive, because federal law enforcement already knows how to identify and contain white supremacists. Among them is Michael German, a former FBI agent who is now a national security fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice.

“They are imagining a gap that doesn’t exist,” he says of legislators like Rose and Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who has called for a domestic terrorism law.

German says suggestions of an inadequate federal response to domestic terrorism are “ridiculous.”

German is the co-author of a 2018 report titled “Wrong Priorities in Fighting Terrorism.” There, and in other writings, he has noted that a domestic terrorism statute does exist and that it applies to 51 violations of the U.S. criminal code.

“I think it’s a mistake,” agrees another domestic terrorism expert, who requested anonymity because the not-for-profit organization he works for has not taken a public position on any of Rose’s proposals. “I see no evidence our problem is fundamentally related to the lack of investigatory powers.”

Of course it isn’t.

When these Jews talk about “anti-Semitic attacks,” they mean lone gunmen shooting up synagogues – which has happened twice only – and black people attacking them randomly on the streets. No massive spying apparatus could have prevented that.

Atomwaffen/The Base could already just be totally disbanded, with every member arrested, because they’ve gotten caught planning terrorism. But that hasn’t happened. Might be related to the fact IT IS LITERALLY RUN BY A GUY WITH A CAGE CODE.

Staffers in his Washington office acknowledge that they envision white supremacists potentially placed on the federal terrorist watch list, which already includes more than a million people and faces legal challenges pertaining to its constitutional grounds.

Yet even as civil libertarians worry about the U.S. government potentially spying on Americans and curbing their First Amendment right to association, others think tougher measures against homegrown extremism are overdue. White supremacists “are now where the jihadis were in the early ’90s and the late ’80s,” says Soufan, the former FBI terrorism expert. Now an independent security consultant, Soufan says Ukraine is the new Afghanistan, serving as a similar proving ground for white nationalists that the latter country served for jihadis like Osama bin Laden.

How convenient it also is that the Ukrainian Nazis that are BACKED BY THE US STATE DEPARTMENT are a key element of his theory. The US government was literally arming and training Azov directly and openly until 2018. (And that’s something you should remember for reasons other than this situation here – anyone who tells you Azov is legit is stupid or a shill.)

Now, they’re paid indirectly by the US – we give money to the Ukrainian government and they give it to Azov.

The VERY SAME KIKE calling for this “white people are the real terrorists” law, Adam Schiff, is obsessed with funding the Ukrainian state with American money.

It’s almost like this is all a gigantic setup to make happen exactly what he is talking about happening, which is that everyone who has any negative opinion of the Jews at all is declared an enemy of the state.

It certainly looks like all the pieces are in place to make this all happen as soon as someone decides to flip the switch.

We Shouldn’t Tolerate Being Treated Like This by the Jews

I find it hard to believe that when a normal person sees a Jew calling white people “white supremacists” and demanding they have their freedom of speech taken and be labeled terrorists that they don’t get a bit of a chill down their spine.

These people believe that we are cattle and they are our masters and that we should be subservient to them. They believe that any means of brutality to force us into subservience are justified. They do not believe that we are even human.

You can hear all of that when Max Rose speaks. This ancient hatred for us. This belief that we only exist to serve him and his people.

These Jews are brutal monsters.

They are a cruel ruling class, which operates in the most bizarre conceivable fashion, claiming they are not the ruling class. If you call them out as being the ruling class, they will claim that it is a coincidence that they control all of these powerful positions. If you press the issue, all of the forces of the government, media and industry will come down on you and destroy your life to prove they are not in charge.

We should not let these Jews treat us like this. We are human beings. We are not pigs to be fed upon or insects to be exterminated.