AG Barr Appears Before Congress, Whines About the Violent Rioters He’s Doing Nothing to Stop

AG Barr is not a trustworthy person.

The Democrats attacking him appears to be part of a staged hoax.


Attorney General William Barr testified before Congress on Tuesday that “violent rioters and anarchists” have “hijacked” the protests over George Floyd’s death “to wreak senseless havoc and destruction on innocent victims.”

In prepared remarks, Barr also offered a full-throated defense of his much-criticized conduct in the federal probe of Russian election interference, slamming the “bogus ‘Russiagate’ scandal” and asserting President Donald Trump has not acted inappropriately.

Barr delivered an abridged version of that statement before the House Judiciary Committee, where he faced a hostile audience in the panel’s Democratic majority.

“Your tenure is marked by a persistent war against the department’s professional core in an apparent effort to secure favors for the president,” Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., said in his own opening remarks. “In your time at the department, you have aided and abetted the worst failings of this president.”

The hearing comes more than a month after Nadler threatened to subpoena Barr to testify following the firing of Geoffrey Berman as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.

In June, Barr announced that Berman was “stepping down.” Berman’s office at the time was reportedly engaged in an investigation into Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani. Berman initially refused to leave, saying he would only do so when his replacement was confirmed by the Senate. Barr then told Berman in a letter that Trump had fired him.

Barr’s spokeswoman announced on June 24 the attorney general had accepted an invitation for a “general oversight hearing.” The hearing marks Barr’s first-ever appearance before the House Judiciary panel during his tenure in the Trump administration and his first session before Congress in over a year.

The hearing was originally set for 10 a.m. ET, but was delayed until around 11 a.m. following a “minor accident,” a spokesman for the committee told CNBC. Nadler added at the hearing that he was involved in a “minor car accident.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, the committee’s top Republican, launched into his opening statement by decrying the Russia probe as a coordinated effort by Democrats to undermine Trump.

“Spying. That one word, that’s why they’re after you,” Jordan said to Barr.

The ranking Republican then showed a lengthy video comprising dozens of clips of violence and property destruction apparently carried out during the recent spate of riots.

Donald Trump trusts this guy because he’s defending him regarding the Russia hoax.

But the Russia hoax doesn’t matter anymore, outside of Trump’s ego bubble. Unless someone is going to start arresting people for staging this hoax, and it is obvious Barr isn’t going to do that.

What matters now is the riots. That is what Barr needs to be dealing with. He is not dealing with them. Far from it – for months, he has allowed the situation to escalate, by refusing to arrest the rioters, despite the fact that thousands of them are on video committing federal crimes.

It’s not only Andrew Anglin calling him out on this now. Tucker is calling him out. Hopefully, Tucker will start calling on Trump to fire him. We could get an acting AG in quickly to start pressing charges left and right and speeding the cases up. That would make all the difference in the world.