Aftermath: Weev vs. McCuck

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2015

I want to give some further thoughts on the weev vs. Gavin McCuck debate.

Firstly, it should be understood that damage control was the only reason that McCuck invited weev on the show, and his mocking tone throughout proves that his intent was to try to make him look stupid for believing in these wacky anti-Semitic conspiracy theories we all know only kooks are into.

He introduced him with a strange apology, claiming that he blocked him on Twitter because he thought he was someone else.

It has now occurred to me, a bit late, that Gavin was apparently suggesting he thought weev was me when he accused him of being a secret agent.

So McCuck says he was confused, thinking weev was a “black-haired skinhead who lives in China.”

He says:

You guys are always using pictures for your avatars and different aliases, so it’s not uncommon for me to realize that three different people are the same fucking dude. And for a while there was some sort of black-haired skin-head who lives in China who I was suspicious of because because he called Takimag “Taxi Mag.” And you said I hope Gavin becomes a real bonafide, like, it was some word you don’t hear racial realists use very much. It was something like a bonafide super really racist neo-Nazi guy and it’s just in Canada we often have this CHRC putting these plants in saying “hey guys aren’t Jews shitty, I’m a neo-Nazi like you, what’s your name, what’s your address?”

For those unaware, weev and I use the same Twitter avatar, which is in support of Chuck Johnson, who was unfairly banned from Twitter after DeRay accused him of planning an assassination. We also have the same first name. So confusing the two of us is plausible. Though I don’t see why it would matter, given that both I am weev were saying the same things to him. I guess it would matter because weev is more famous, maybe.

To be fair here, my hair is blonde and I have not even been to China since like 2010. My skinhead is more related to the limited hairstyle options one has when dealing with a receding hairline than it is to politics. I am also not secret agent and don’t ask people for their addresses. I did, presumably, say that I hope Gavin becomes a super-hardcore Nazi, but I would hope this would have been taken as obvious sarcasm.

But maybe he is too old to understand the edgy humor of us hip young kids these days?

Even though he was super-hip ten years ago when he was publishing “The Vice Guide to Sex, Drugs and Rock& Roll.”

Definitely not cool anymore, Gav. Now all the cool kids want to gas the kikes and start a race war, rather than destroy themselves and their culture because the Jews told them to.
Definitely not cool anymore, Gav. Now all the cool kids want to gas the kikes and start a race war, rather than destroy themselves and their culture because the Jews told them to.

Or, maybe he just doesn’t want to talk about Jews.

McCuck then tried to cuck over weev by accusing him of being a Jew, which was a sound strategy for someone without basic morals or care for anything other than shekels. Then it’s like “oh well, yes, I defend the Jews and Israel and colored people, but maybe this White nationalist figure is the real Jew issue?”

But no one is taking that bait, McCuck.

"I've baited a few goyim in my day, stupid goyim."
“I’ve baited a few goyim in my day, stupid goyim.”

The chronic baiter went on to pretend that he doesn’t understand the metaphor of cuckolding, and so didn’t understand weev’s tweet about his desire for Blacks and Mexicans to run a train on his wife. Which was a metaphor for the cuckoldry McInnes has engaged in by shilling like a positronic shilling-machine for Jew-Israel, other Jews and colored folks.

He felt pure outrage. Or we are supposed to believe he did.

But again, maybe he is just too old to understand dank memes.

McCuck then brings up his heroic Jew producer, who fights for the rights of stupid goyim everywhere.

Yes, Gav, Jews Control Everything. This Fact is Not Irrelevant.

The dumbest part was when McCuck, in response to weev pressing the Jewish question, claimed that yeah, he’s heard “these theories” that Jews created liberalism, but even if that’s true it doesn’t really matter because they aren’t really involved now, and now it’s all gays and feminists.

Even if you decide to dismiss the foundations of modernity – created by Jews like Boas, Freud, Bernays and the Frankfurt School – as somehow not relevant now (which in itself sounds insane), all contemporary society is still run by Jews.

The entire Gawker network, for instance, which Gavin is constantly raging against, is run by Christ-killers.

Virtually the entirety of the rest of the news media is run by Jews (everything but Newscorp, which is even more pro-Jew than the Jew-owned media). Hollywood is completely run by Jews. The music industry is totally run by Jews. The Black Lives Matter movement is funded by Soros and other Jews. The gay movement was created and is still largely run by Jews. The feminist movement was created by Jews like Friedan and Steinem and is still largely run by Jews. All of the wars in the Middle East are manufactured by Jews. Jewish politicians and media figures are at the forefront of trying to shut down free speech and gun rights. Jews lead the immigration agenda in both America and Europe, and Jews passed the Immigration Act of 1964.

And it goes on and on and on forever. Any issue we are having in Western society has Jews behind it. It isn’t debatable. It is all documented fact.

"No, it's cool, Jews aren't a problem. My Jewish producer has confirmed this fact."
“No, it’s cool, Jews aren’t a problem. My Jewish producer has confirmed this fact.”

And if you refuse to address it, and instead play it off as if it is some type of kooky conspiracy theory, you are either naive and stupid or you are a straight-up cuck.

Jews, You Say?

When Roosh V was on with McCuck, the latter mocked the former for suggesting Jews were responsible for the decline of civilization.

And we all know of the now infamous attempt to cuckold the cuckservative meme by attacking “White supremacists” and saying “we love Israel.”

So, what is up with that?

Why would an ostensibly pro-White figure want to defend the sole force behind the destruction of the White race?

Well, you see my fellow goyim, McInnes’ producer is a man named Ezra Levant. He is the owner of The Rebel Media, which produces all of McInnes’ A/V work. Despite the fact that when you a name like “Ezra Levant,” you assume he must be Chinese or perhaps an Eskimo, Levant (@ezralevant) is in fact a Jew.

A Jew lawyer at that.


Ezra Isaac Levant (born 1972) is a Jewish-Canadian media personality, conservative political activist, lawyer, writer and broadcaster. He is the founder and former publisher of the Western Standard, a former columnist for Sun Media and hosted a daily program on the Sun News Network from the channel’s inception in 2011 until its demise in 2015. In February 2015, he founded The Rebel Media website and YouTube channel and is its main contributor.

Born in Calgary, Levant holds a commerce degree from the University of Calgary and a law degree from the University of Alberta. His great-grandfather emigrated to Canada in 1903 from Russia to establish a homestead near Drumheller, Alberta. Levant grew up in a suburb of Calgary. He attended a Jewish day school in his childhood before transferring to a public junior high school.

Here you have McInnes referring to Levant as his boss.

But don’t worry, he’s one of those libertarian Jews, here to help the silly stupid goyim, who are too silly and stupid to run their own media operations.

Ezra Levant: Don't worry goyim, he's a rebel Jew. You know. Like Lenin.
Ezra Levant: Don’t worry goyim, he’s a rebel Jew. You know. Like Lenin, or Trotsky.

Show’s Over, McCuck

Gav had a chance to be a middle-ground figure, and try to profit from our ideas and edgy hipness by flirting with the mainstream. However, instead of doing that, he decided to cuck us and defend these Jews.

Of course, he’s a talented guy, as far as being a jokey-jokester goes, so maybe he’ll find an audience of Rush Limbaugh cuckservatives who prefer a bit more profanity and dick-jokes. But even then, as the target audience – serious White rights activists – has now been entirely alienated, any audience he does achieve is quickly going to discover that they are being cuckolded.

My advice: go back to marketing drug-abuse and STDs to confused teenagers, Gav. That market will always be there, even if it is shrinking as young Whites wake up and desire to reclaim their blood heritage. It will be harder now that you are old and are incapable of grasping modern youth humor and become disoriented when trying to comprehend dank memes.

But just get some naked chicks and write a cute instruction manual about techniques for having sex on crystal meth.

And hey – maybe VICE will give you your old job back.

Helping Jews destroy the social cohesiveness of White society - it's still pretty lucrative!
Helping Jews destroy the social cohesiveness of White society – it’s still pretty lucrative!