After Whining That Trump Said He Could Override Governors, Jews Whine He Isn’t Overriding Governors

To your great shock, I’m certain, the media has made a complete and total reversal on an issue relating to Donald Trump and the corona crisis.

This was a headline in the New York Times on April 14:

Then on April 17, we get this:

I know we’re all a little bit tired of pointing out that the media will say one thing and then three days later say the opposite thing. But this is a specific and interesting instance of that phenomenon.

What they are trying to do is box him in to being responsible for the economic collapse, and for an indefinite shutdown of the country.

They said he thought he was a king and a dictator when he said he would override governors and force them to allow people to go back to work. What they wanted him to do was play king and dictator and tell the whole country it has to remain shut down indefinitely. Because that’s what they want to happen – and they want to be able to frame it like it is all his fault.

Instead, they’re getting what they want, which is an indefinite lockdown, but without the responsibility being on Donald Trump’s shoulders.

Although, in actual fact, it is squarely on his shoulders, as not only does he have the authority to override governors and open the country back up, he has a duty to do that. Most powers do fall to the states, but one power they don’t have is to override the Constitution, and when a state does take away the people’s Constitutional rights, the federal government is supposed to act to defend the rights of the people.

This current situation is illegal, and I guess the Jews are worried someone might start pointing that out.

There are exactly zero laws that allow these governors to say “oh, there’s a virus, so the Constitution is suspended.” It’s extreme madness that this has happened. We saw the governor of New Jersey on Tucker Carlson, and when he was asked where the authority came from, he dodged the question. They literally cannot cite even a vague law, because no such law exists. They just did it. It is absolute lawlessness.

The only entity that has the ability to suspend the Constitution is the president, and he can only do that in a time of war or national emergency. But he’s so far refused to do that. It would have been really awesome if he would have done that and then started issuing death warrants like Alex Jones told him to.

But instead, Trump is just looking out for himself.

He’s not accepting the responsibility of going in either direction.

So really, the second article from the NYT is correct. He is refusing national leadership.

That said, I do understand that he’s been totally backed into a corner, and if he was to do his duty to protect the Constitution and open the country up, the masses of people would oppose it, because the masses of people believe the media that this is a deadly virus that is going to kill their grannies.

And the most important thing is protecting granny from dying. We must sacrifice the lives of our children to keep granny alive for another six months.

And as I’ve said six million times already: Trump opening up the country wouldn’t save the economy. What it might do is protect our Constitutional rights for a bit longer, but the willingness of people to surrender those, without any questions, in the face of the threat that their 80-year-old grannies might die of a respiratory virus, indicates that we are not a society that is going to maintain its rights.