After Warcraft III: Reforged Becomes Most Hated Game in History, Blizzard Blames Players

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2020

People are really mad about Warcraft 3: Reforged.

Apparently, this game didn’t have any of the features that were promised before it was launched.

I was actually waiting on the game myself, and would have bought it on launch day, save for the fact that my gaming computer is currently not operational.

For those who do not know, Warcraft 3 is one of the best Real Time Strategy (RTS) games of all time, if not the single best. Because no one can make good games anymore, Blizzard-Activision decided to simply re-release this game. They announced it in 2018, and it was originally scheduled for first quarter 2019. They then pushed it back and back, until it was scheduled for December 31, 2019. They they pushed it back to the end of January.

Then it was released, and it now has the lowest ranking of any game on Metacritic.


  • The cut scenes that were promised were not included.
  • The graphics are a disaster.
  • The game crashes constantly.
  • Blizzard makes you sign a contract that says that any user content you create – including custom maps and levels – is owned by Blizzard.
  • All online features were removed, including ladders, automated tournaments, clans and profiles.

Blizzard took a long time responding to the drama.

Then they made a forum post saying that it was the users’ fault for not experiencing the game as they wanted to.

Gotta get those “unforgettable moments,” goy.

It’s incredible that gaming companies continue to abuse people in this manner.

Apparently, none of them have figured out that if you just engage your customers and give them what they want, they will really love you and give you a lot of money.

The only company that ever figured that out was Valve, and they managed to get a virtual monopoly on the sale of games.

All they did was listen to their users and do what was requested.

Any gaming company could do that.

Just even with this apology – they very easily could have just said “we’re really sorry about this, guys – we had a time limit and a budget limit and we failed to deliver. We’re going to do our absolute best to fix this game.”

Instead, they act like there wasn’t any problem and it is just the user’s fault for not liking it.

It is just bad business.

But these gaming companies think that they’re untouchable because creating a AAA game costs so much money, no one other than asshole Jew companies can make them.