After US Soccer Team Wins “Women’s FIFA,” Crowd Chants “Equal Pay”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2019

The US female soccer team won the female FIFA World Cup, beating the Netherlands in France on Sunday, something that no one in the world gives a shit about.

The crowd of dumb sluts started chanting “equal pay.”

The slutballers are claiming that they deserve the same amount of money as men for playing these games, even though virtually no one watches these games, and normal FIFA is the most popular sporting event in the world.


A group of players for the Women’s team already launched a federal class-action lawsuit against U.S. soccer over the pay gap.

At the heart of their claim is that the pay gap is merely a matter of gender bias.

The U.S. Women’s National Team is not a party to the lawsuit but has still come out in support of the action saying it “supports the plaintiffs’ goal of eliminating gender-based discrimination by USSF.”

“The total prize money for the Women’s World Cup in France this July will be $30 million compared with total prize money of $440 million for the men’s teams at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar,” Forbes reported.

But as Breitbart Sports recently reported, far from mere “gender bias,” the reason there is a pay gap between the men and the women is that the men bring in many millions of dollars more in revenue than the women.

For instance, in 2010 the Women’s World Cup brought in $73 million in revenue. But that same year the Men’s World Cup earned a whopping $4 billion, according to NBC Sports.

Men’s soccer also has by far many more viewers than women’s soccer.

This is pure communism.

Male soccer players make all of this money because of massive ticket sales and advertising.

Where are the promoters supposed to get the money to pay these women? If they gave out a $440 million prize to the women, they would not even be able to break even – they would lose hundreds of millions of dollars. Who would pay for this lost revenue?

Do they want some kind of a global tax to pay money to female soccer players who no one cares about? 

Other than a global tax, what are even the possible options to come up with this incredible about of money?

Here are the sponsors of the event:

Would you try to force them to pay the money?

Because if you did, they would just pull out.

These women are demanding 15 times their current payout. These sponsors are paying what they are paying because they have done the calculations and it is profitable for their brands to make the investment they’re making. If they were forced to pay 15 times the amount, I’m going to wager that the investment would no longer be profitable.

Point being: this is insane.

This has absolutely nothing to do with sex – per se.

Famously in 2017, the US national women’s soccer team was brutally beaten by boys under the age of 15.

CBC Sports (April 4, 2017):

In preparation for two upcoming friendlies against Russia, the U.S. women’s national team played the FC Dallas U-15 boys academy team on Sunday and fell 5-2, according to FC Dallas’ official website.

This friendly came as the U.S. looked to tune up before taking on Russia on Thursday night in a friendly.

People don’t watch female soccer because it isn’t exciting because the players suck.

That only relates to sex in the indirect way that women are not good at this sport. People enjoy watching sports matches that are exciting.

The only female sport that is semi-popular is fem-UFC, and that is because watching women beat each other up is a fascinating novelty.

Serena and Venus Williams said they could beat a man at tennis – but stipulated that they couldn’t be in the top 200.

The guy who challenged them was ranked #203, and beat them both in a row while drunk.


Another event dubbed a “Battle of the Sexes” took place during the 1998 Australian Open between Karsten Braasch and the Williams sisters. Venus and Serena Williams had claimed that they could beat any male player ranked outside the world’s top 200, so Braasch, then ranked 203rd, challenged them both. Braasch was described by one journalist as “a man whose training regime centered around a pack of cigarettes and more than a couple of bottles of ice cold lager”. The matches took place on court number 12 in Melbourne Park, after Braasch had finished a round of golf and two shandies. He first took on Serena and after leading 5–0, beat her 6–1. Venus then walked on court and again Braasch was victorious, this time winning 6–2. Braasch said afterwards, “500 and above, no chance”. He added that he had played like someone ranked 600th in order to keep the game “fun” and that the big difference was that men can chase down shots much easier and put spin on the ball that female players can’t handle. The Williams sisters adjusted their claim to beating men outside the top 350.

The reason that people watch sports is that they enjoy witnessing the skill of the players.

Women do not have good skills at playing sports, and thus they are totally uninteresting to watch.

These are just the facts of life.

Demanding equal pay for the female FIFA World Cup violates the “equal pay for equal work” doctrine of the feminists. They are not doing equal work. If they were doing equal work, their event would make the same $4 billion that the male FIFA World Cup makes.

We have to maintain some sort of objective standards here, people. If you remove the profit incentive from markets and just start giving hundreds of millions of dollars in free money to women because “they tried their best,” the entire system is going to collapse.

They should just be satisfied that the president took the time to tweet congratulations.

Even though I guarantee he didn’t watch it.

No one watches this shit, because it sucks.

Seriously, watching 13-year-old boys is way more exciting, because they’re better players.

I think it was really inappropriate that the fans chanted “fuck Trump,” when without Trump talking about it, no one would even know the women’s World Cup was even happening at all.