After Threats, Utah Private School Agrees to Force Students to Learn Fake Black History

They’re talking about a “backlash online,” but obviously, the real fear is that the Joe Biden Justice Department would come down on them if they didn’t force children to learn about fake black history.


A charter school in Utah made a U-turn on its decision to allow families to “exercise their civil rights” and opt their children out of lessons relating to Black History Month, after facing a major backlash online.

“We regret that after receiving requests, an opt-out form was sent out concerning activities planned during this month of celebration,” Maria Montessori Academy’s board of directors announced on Sunday.

The school in North Ogden, which has a majority white student base according to the Utah State Board of Education, uses Black History Month to incorporate specific teachings about the history of black Americans in both social studies and history classes. After receiving a handful of complaints, last week the school sent families an opt-out letter offering everyone the option to “exercise their civil rights to not participate in Black History Month at the school.”

However, the move soon made national news and outrage spread online, with some calling the move racist. Faced with the backlash and growing attention from the media and politicians, school officials apparently rushed to hold a meeting with parents to resolve the issue.

Virtually all “black history” is fake.

Do you know why it’s fake?

Because the real history of black people would embarrass black people.

We have a very good record of the real history of black people, because it still exists now – in Africa, many blacks are still living exactly as they did ten thousand years ago.


I guess you can talk about sports accomplishments, and jazz music or something. But other than that, blacks do not really have any history. That is why people are opposed to these “black history month” indoctrination courses – because they are just lies.

Harriet Tubman is a stupid hoax as well. This bitch did nothing that matters, and they’re putting her on the $20 bill. Why? Because she’s black?

I’ve said from the beginning, if you’re going to put a black person on the $20 bill, put one of the black people who actually accomplished something: Sugar Ray Leonard, John Coltrane, OJ Simpson, Michael Jordan, 2Pac or Gucci Mane.

Or, just put one of those lip plate people on it.

Just be honest. Tell the truth.

Quit it with this fake bullshit.

At this point, they’re on the verge of just playing Black Panther in schools and saying it’s a documentary and Wakanda is real.