After Supporting the Shutdown, Neo-Nazis Advise Their Followers to Beg the Government for Food

“Please, Jews! Give us money to buy food!”

As I’ve documented, the remnants of 2016’s “Alt-Right,” which devolved into cartoonish neo-Nazism after the protest in Charlottesville (presumably because they were leveraged by the FBI), have become fanatical supporters of the government during this coronavirus hoax.

While claiming to be political dissidents, the leaders of the neo-Nazi movement told their followers that it was really, really important to prevent old people in nursing homes from dying of this flu, and told them the only way to do this was to completely collapse the economy and surrender all of our Constitutional rights to the Jewish-run government.

Now that this plan they were pushing has come to fruition, and none of their followers have jobs, they are instructing people to beg the government for money to buy food so they don’t starve.

As things get tight, the neo-Nazi ideology, being that it is just an absurd fantasy, is becoming increasingly nonviable as people are forced to look at and deal with reality. As such, many people who had previously identified as neo-Nazis are reading this website and getting a reality-based worldview and a viable plan of action. As such, neo-Nazis are now responding to everything I write here, trying to keep their followers from straying.

This was a response by a top neo-Nazi leader to my piece yesterday encouraging people to protest the lockdown:

“Great job helping the government totally wipe out the middle class and making it so you can’t feed yourself. Now the next stage of the plan is to beg the government for food because otherwise you’re going to starve.”

I don’t know what to do with that other than laugh.

It should be noted that this is one of the people who was laughing when I said this shutdown was going to collapse the economy. He was using the failed “stonks” meme and saying that the only thing that would happen as a result of the lockdown would be that boomers would lose money on the stock market. Now he’s telling people to literally go out and beg the Jews to feed them.

He’s the same guy who referred to the protesters demanding freedom and a right to return to work as “white dumbasses” who didn’t understand the importance of protecting the chronically ill from the flu.

The idea that a few costumed neo-Nazis demanding extra welfare money is going to have some positive outcome is baffling. I can’t even begin to grasp what purpose that could possibly serve. The government is either going to give us money for food or they’re not. Obviously, the government is already aware that people need to eat in order to not starve to death, and they are also aware that we’re now already in the biggest economic crisis in the history of civilization and virtually no one is getting a paycheck.

What I am saying is that people should join existing protest movements in their area. These people are already out there by the tens of thousands. This happened organically, because the people hate what is being done to them. “How about you start your own protest movement to beg for food?” is just a way to prevent people from being involved in the most important movement of our lives.

The primary purpose of anti-lockdown protests is not to convince the government to do something. The purpose is to begin to form a new political bloc of White Americans who oppose the oppression of this government. It also serves the purpose of inspiring other Americans to stand up and fight the people who have done this to us. These protests are a spark that will light a fire across America and bring people together against everything that this brutal government has done to us. We are in a new world now, and the opportunity exists for nationalists to be the defining force in opposition to the tyrannical system.

As we’ve seen, support for the lockdown largely falls along racial lines. All of the protesters are white. I have not seen a single brown person at any of these protests. That is because wanting work and wanting freedom is a white issue. It is something that unifies us and differentiates us from the hordes. From that passionate base, we will begin to rebuild white identity in America.

It should go without saying, but I will go ahead and say it anyway: a powerful and organized political movement that can bring out hundreds of thousands of people across the country is in a better position to make demands regarding food money than neo-Nazis organizing for the specific reason of begging to be fed.

My agenda however is much bigger than that. I want to organize against this enemy as a way to unify the people under the idea of America as a nation. It is in a crisis that people begin thinking about what matters and who they are. What starts as a protest against the lockdown, against the oppression, is going to become a movement demanding the total liberation of America – from immigration, from homosexualism, from every other Jewish plot against our people.

This is young and old, from every background, from every state in the country – all of us white – coming together and saying “no.”

This train isn’t going to stop.

Brothers, We’re Here for You

I just want to say to all of the people who have gotten caught up in this neo-Nazi trap: we’re here for you. As long as you haven’t made a deal with the feds like your leaders have, we’re not interested in your previous affiliations.

I understand the way someone could get tripped up and tricked by these people. We’ve all had a hard time, and some people have had a harder time than others, and it’s understandable that people who say they’re fighting to defend whites, and offer you a sense of belonging, could draw you in.

I know you must be asking some hard questions after your leaders literally led you into thinking it would be a good thing if the economy collapsed and for you to lose your job. Now that they’re literally telling you to go beg the government to allow you to eat, I think a lot of you are realizing you’re being mocked.

I know it’s hard to admit you were wrong. But the longer you try to justify this insanity, the more damage you’re going to do to your own soul, as you try to tell yourself that your leaders just wanted what was best for you after they told you to support the Jews destroying your life.

Odds are, your life is destroyed. If not, you know a lot of people whose lives have been destroyed. I have seen people crying I never thought I would see cry. People who have had their businesses destroyed. It is just the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

There’s nothing you could have done to stop it from happening, of course. The decision came down from the top, and there was no stopping it. But it must feel horrible to have been led to believe that this was good, told to cheer it, told that it only meant “stonks” by people that you trusted. There must have been a moment when you realized that it wasn’t just stocks, and that these people you trusted lied to you. I can’t even imagine what that would feel like.

If you want to leave that abysmal, depressing nightmare of a scene, the light is always on and the door is always open. If you’re a similar shape as your leaders, you will be encouraged to lose weight, but we can help you with that.

If you want to see what our community is like, you can check us out at, a gaming forum where I and a lot of stormers hang out. We’re a welcoming group.

We are now in a living nightmare. There is no way out of it. You can’t wake up. So my thing is, we should try to have as much fun as we can as we fight to take back our country.