After Soccer Dykes Have Their Hoax Lawsuit Thrown Out, Biden Vows to Extort FIFA

The kook soccer dykes had their lawsuit dismissed on Friday.

We’ve been over this a million times on this website. This is not a case of “unequal pay.” The women’s team actually gets paid more than the men’s team, relative to the money they bring in. They bring in much, much less money, because no one gives a shit about women’s soccer. This is because soccer fans watch the sport to observe technique, and women’s technique is lower than that of 14-year-old boys.

Megan Rapinoe’s team literally lost to 14-year-old boys.

As Forbes reported when the lawsuit was filed (the article has been deleted but is still on Wayback Machine):

The total prize money for the Women’s World Cup in France this July will be $30 million compared with total prize money of $440 million for the men’s teams at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

When viewed appropriately—based on how much money they generate—women actually make more than men.

As Dwight Jaynes pointed out four years ago after the U.S. women beat Japan to capture the World Cup in Vancouver, there is a big difference in the revenue available to pay the teams. The Women’s World Cup brought in almost $73 million, of which the players got 13%. The 2010 men’s World Cup in South Africa made almost $4 billion, of which 9% went to the players.

Check it:

What these women were demanding was that they get paid $358 million, which is – let me get out the calculator here, do 358 divided by 73 – 4.9 times more than the total profits of the entire event.

This is the kind of lunacy that goes on in our society that the media takes seriously.

But this was not serious. It was pure insanity. No business is able to pay their employees more than their total profits. Assuming that the entire event was put on purely for charity, and 100% of the profits went directly to the women players, where is that $285 million supposed to come from? Are the owners of FIFA supposed to pay it out of pocket?

I suppose the actual answer that the women would offer is that the money should be pulled from the men’s team. But then what could possibly be the purpose of having a women’s team at all?

Would it be illegal for them to stop having a women’s team?

I think that it should be bisexual teams. If the women want to play in FIFA, they can compete with the men. Surely, there is no plausible reason that FIFA should continue to entertain these worthless whores after this lawsuit. They are ungrateful cunts.

I think Joe Biden probably doesn’t know the math involved here, but also I think he doesn’t care. He is the epitome of a talking head, in that he is actually senile and doesn’t even know where he is, let alone what the hell he’s talking about.

He stands with the irate dykes.

How is this real life?

In a serious country, that tweet alone would be enough to permanently disqualify this man not only as a potential candidate for president, but for virtually any other position of any kind of authority, including high school teacher. This is literally communism.