After Six Nonwhite Suicides by Hanging, Media Claims Nationwide Lynching Conspiracy Might Exist

This is starting to look increasingly like it almost has to be some kind of weird conspiracy.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Authorities are investigating a sudden string of hangings involving black and Hispanic Americans in four states as racial tensions continue to fester in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

The six separate incidents are also fueling fear and suspicions about the possibility of lynchings, but officials have so far ruled every case a suicide.

Since May 27, a woman, four men and a teenage boy have been found dead from hangings in Portland, Oregon, two Southern California cities, Houston and New York.

In the most recent case, police reported finding a black 17-year-old hanged outside an elementary school Wednesday morning in Houston.

There’s nothing really to say about this right now, because it just is what it is.

But I will say this: all of what we are experiencing right now was planned out in detail, in computer simulations, before we ever heard the term coronavirus. So there are going to be minor hoaxes to prop up the major hoaxes.

I would not be surprised if some announcement that there is a nationwide lynching conspiracy is one of these hoaxes. I don’t really know what else this could be, to be honest, unless these are standard numbers of black and Mexican suicides that always happen and they’re just now telling us about it in order to provoke hysteria.

After one of these recent allegedly mysterious hangings, I compared what we are experiencing now to the situation after 911, when anthrax was mailed around to government officials and no one ever explained where it came from until seven years later when they blamed some random white guy.

This is already getting hysterical. There are people protesting these hangings and claiming they’re lynchings.

As far as what I mean by “hoax” – I don’t know the details. Maybe they would actually organize some fed-controlled neo-Nazi group to go do these hangings, maybe they would move bodies, maybe there would be no bodies at all and just completely invented people. Any of those three things is well within their ability, given that the media is now just saying whatever, and in the run-up to the election, they are finishing shutting down the remnants of alternative media once and for all.

What isn’t a hoax is that they are now ready to start prosecuting hanging nooses as a “hate crime,” even though this has already been ruled to be protected speech.

Even though these particular nooses were almost certainly part of a hoax, the new standards of speech crime they’re going to ram through under the shroud of this chaos are very real.

In another event that flew under the radar of the chaos, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch decided that in 1964, when that year’s Civil Rights Act was passed, the people who wrote the bill secretly intended for it to apply to homosexuals. This was such an absurd ruling that it could only be a signal that the SCOTUS is now on-board with the agenda, and will just go along with whatever the mob wants.