After Ricky Vaughn Ban, Google and Disney Pullout of Twitter Bidding, Stock Drops 17%

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2016


Yesterday, popular pro-Trump and Alt-Right Twitter personality Ricky Vaughn was banned, and there was a massive backlash. #FreeRicky was trending at #1 in the US.

This morning, both Google and Disney have announced that they’re pulling-out of the bidding to buy Twitter.

Hollywood Reporter:

Twitter’s stock declined more than 17 percent in Thursday pre-market trading after reports that Walt Disney and Google won’t submit bids for the social media company.

Disney, which reportedly considered a possible Twitter bid, has decided not to pursue the company, Re/code had reported after the stock market close on Wednesday, citing sources familiar with the situation.

It also reported that Google, which some Wall Street observers had called a logical buyer for Twitter and which reportedly had also explored a play for the firm, was also not going to bid. The report also added that fellow technology giant Apple was also unlikely to make an offer.

That for now seems to leave cloud computing firm as the only potential suitor of Twitter, even though the company has never publicly confirmed its interest in a deal. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff appeared on CNBC on Wednesday and declined to comment directly on the firm’s interest in Twitter.

Other potential suitors that some observers have mentioned include Microsoft and Verizon.

Twitter shares had dropped 9 percent in after-hours trading Wednesday after closing the day 5.7 percent higher. Over the past year, Twitter’s stock has traded between $13.73 and $31.87. In most recent pre-market activity, the stock was trading at $20.48, down 17.7 percent.

More than likely, these three Jewish-owned companies involved in the bidding were planning to remove anti-Semitism and other political incorrectness from the platform, but can’t buy the company and do that if it is just going to collapse the company.

It’s unimaginable that Twitter would ban such a high-profile political dissident in the midst of a buyout unless it was related to the deal. It seems to me very likely that banning Ricky was part of this deal, that they wanted to see how it went over, and they were not happy with the results.

I’m not sure why the backlash would have surprised them – seems like any analyst could have predicted this – but maybe these Jews have gotten very sloppy.

The only thing I can logically figure is that they told Twitter that the company wasn’t of any value to them with the current state of political incorrectness being tolerated, and it is only worth as much to them as it will be worth after it is cleansed. So perhaps now, twitter will go through and cleanse the site before the sale, and Google and Disney will come back with lower offers than the $20 billion they’re presently asking for.

Of course, anti-Semites and others who are politically incorrect are a relatively small percentage of the userbase. However, these people leaving can have effects on the entire userbase. Presently, those banned are switching to, which is effectively a Twitter clone. If this receives a lot of hype during a period of mass-banning, it could trigger a chain-reaction, end up causing normies to switch over, and ultimately lead to the collapse of Twitter.


#FreeRicky is no longer trending. It may have been suppressed, I don’t know. But at time of writing, it has been off of trends for 10 hours, going from #1 in the US an hour after the banning (13 hours ago).


Get on there and get it trending again!

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