After Pushing for Vaginal Overload, The Guardian Calls for Doctor Who to be Canceled

So: Doctor Who.

Here’s a classic “tale of two Guardian headlines” situation.

For those who don’t know or care, this is the skinny: Doctor Who is an ancient British science fiction show, and actually the longest-running show in television history that isn’t a soap opera. It started in 1963 and was in black and white because British people are poor.

It was relaunched in 2005 to critical success, and was even popular in America. I think it was actually the most popular British TV show in America.

Because it was popular with young heterosexual men, it was targeted by the anal-vaginal mob for complete annihilation. The Guardian served as one of the main bases of agitation, pushing for the show to replace the titular Doctor with a woman.

To be fair, it is part of the show’s continuity that the Doctor, who is a time-traveling space alien, can change form. That became a part of the story when the grumpy old man who played the first Doctor got sick of dealing with it.

However, changing him into a woman basically completely broke the show’s basic lore. Furthermore, changing a male character into a female – even if he can change shape – had obvious tranny implications.

Most importantly, people simply did not want to look at some old, ugly woman playing “hero” in a show that was intended for normal men.

As you would expect, the show’s ratings totally collapsed, and it is basically radioactive. No one involved with the show is able to engage on social media, and there is no place on the internet where the show is talked about where it isn’t all negativity.

So, the solution now being offered by the Guardian is to just go ahead and cancel the show – now that it has been completely destroyed.

In the Guardian article published this week calling for the show to be canceled, no real explanation is given. Vaguely, the fans are blamed, but the writer, Martin Belam, also admits that the show is now very bad, then just says that it’s really hard to write a TV show, so people should give up.

This is effectively mission accomplished: something that normal men liked is now destroyed.

Logically, it would have made sense to just let the show go on as it was – it was already promoting secular liberal values more aggressively than any American sci-fi show ever did (before the new Star Trek). It was multicultural, feminist, and had a lot of gay stuff. This was no doubt an effective way to alter the natural positions of normal men.

But it seems that these people in control simply cannot tolerate the idea that normal men would ever enjoy anything, so they have to destroy it. I’m sure the outside forces pushing for this vaginal transformation probably knew that purposefully alienating the fanbase would destroy the show. (Internally, maybe they thought that they would “find new fans.” Or maybe they didn’t care either.)

It’s symbolic of the whole system: everything is punitive. It’s about making you uncomfortable, it’s about taking things away from you. These people in control are sadistic. They are not really trying to build anything. You can look around and see that none of this is going to work – they are flooding our countries with people who hate us and hate each other, they are turning our children over to homosexual pedophiles.

Spoiler alert: there is no actual plan for a communist utopia.

These people hate white men, and they are simply trying to punish us by destroying everything we’ve built, and taking away everything that matters to us. They are petty and vindictive, so this agenda goes all the way to the level of some stupid TV show.