After Mockery, Jake Tapper Deletes Tweet Bragging About How He “Survived” the Election

CNN host Jake Tapper appears to have regretted an unfortunate tweet he made, implying that he and his colleagues “survived” the 2020 election, Fox News reports.

Why it matters: Tapper is Jewish, and Jews are constantly talking about surviving things. They believe that everyone is trying to kill them.

  • The tweet was a link to an article from Esquire Magazine, entitled “The Oral History of CNN’s Election Week.”
  • The article documented the alleged struggles of CNN personnel.
  • Many CNN hosts were interviewed, and told of how they had to drink a lot of coffee.
  • Sharing the article, Tapper added his own headline: “An Oral History of How CNN Journalists Survived Election 2020.”

The big picture: Many on Twitter derided the tweet, attacking Tapper. He backed down in shame, deleting the tweet. Deleting a tweet is always seen as an admission of shame and guilt.

Go deeper: Journalists believe they are a special group of people, who have been issued a divine mandate to shape reality. This goes beyond simply Jewishness, as non-Jewish journalists also take on this mindset of being a priestly class with a sacred role of guiding the masses of people towards some glorious future that their bosses have shown them.

  • Journalists believe they have a right to act with impunity.
  • Journalists believe that something is true simply because they said it.
  • Journalists know that they are lying to the public, but consider these lies to serve the greater good, which is to create a communist future utopia run by Jews.

Tapper may have suspected that he was giving away too much of the depth of the depravity of the journalistic mind with this tweet, and thus chose to delete it. The extent to which these people jack each other off, and believe that they are serving a divine purpose, is intended to be thinly veiled. His tweet, and the bizarre article it linked, removed any veil.

Of note: Jake Tapper was recently caught celebrating the fact that the goyim will not be allowed to celebrate Christmas this year, due to the coronavirus hoax. The inability of the Christian people of this country to celebrate Christmas would be entirely due to the work of the media, who worked tirelessly to confuse the masses into believing this idiotic virus hoax.