After MILO Cancels #Pizzagate Speech, Alex Jones Deletes Popular #Pizzagate Video

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2016

Yesterday, I reported that MILO, after having advertised a speech on #Pizzagate as his most important speech ever, canceled the speech, saying he was told not to talk about it.


The post should have been better than it was, because this is something of a big deal. He said he was called from Washington and told not to talk about it. It is, of course, possible that he did that to hype himself up. We will know when we see if he gives the speech at a later date, and if he does, what he says in that speech (whether he focuses on real information or retard-tier nonsense). What he said was “not talk about it – yet” as if he is planning to talk about it in the future.

Today, while doing some research for yet another #Pizzagate article (there cannot be too many), I found that Alex Jones has deleted a popular video on the topic.


This is the original link:

The page was archived last on December 6th, so it was deleted within the last two days. On the 6th, it had nearly 400,000 views.


Here’s that archive link.

It was an actually very good summary of the Pizzagate situation, containing a whole lot of details. It was one of the main videos being passed around. If someone has a saved copy, they should reupload it and see what happens – see if Jones files copyright on you (he makes a big deal of not filing copyright claims on his material, and encouraging people to copy it, so this would be very telling). I don’t personally have a copy of it and the video itself isn’t saved on archives.

Update: someone reupped the video – the uploader claims in the description that a lot of Pizzagate videos have been deleted from Jones’ channel. I don’t know how many there were, but checking the channel, there are still some up. It’s possible they’re deleting them slowly, or simply deleting certain ones. People should watch this one and compare it to others on his channel and see if they can find a reason this one and not others would be deleted.

I don’t think it is especially likely it was taken down due to a legal threat, because there are so many people talking about this now that that would be a very difficult case to make. And Alex Jones accuses people of things all the time without evidence and doesn’t seem to be especially concerned about getting sued, presumably because he has lawyers who have told him how to present what things about which people without it being a liability.

Bottom line on that is, if he did get threatened with a lawsuit and take the video down because of that, he can simply tell his listeners “yes, we took it down due to letters from lawyers.” There is no legal issue with saying that. I told everyone when I had to remove Taylor Swift memes due to threats from her lawyers.

So – are these people being told not to talk about this?

Well, MILO actually said he was.

Has Alex Jones made a comment on the deletion of this video? Is he still talking about #Pizzagate?

I don’t listen to his show, so I don’t know.

If you are a listener, or would like to listen to his shows from this week as part of our citizen research into this situation, let us know in the comments.

Most likely, if Jones’ handlers are telling him to change his tune – which the deletion of this video pretty much confirms – they won’t tell him to stop talking about it completely, as that would be too obvious. They will tell him to remove certain elements from the discussion, and focus on others.

Most importantly, they will tell him to add insane/delusional elements to the discussion. That is very, very key. They can then use the media to refer to these insane elements to try and discredit the real information. In particular, I think they are going to play up this idea that Welch, who brought a gun to Comet Ping Pong, is a paid crisis actor. The claim that Madeline McCann was kidnapped by the Podestas is another claim I think they will play up.

They will also inject other silly stuff, to water it all down. The examples I gave are already there, but I guarantee more is coming.

Red Ice recently did a video on #Pizzagate, which I thought was overall very good, but they fell into the trap of “maybe this was a staged hoax by an actor” in relation to Welch and also included some obviously fake “menu” that included prices for torturing children.

They are going to spread this fake stuff. We have to be very aware of that. It is exactly the logical thing for them to do at this time.

It is actually in some ways beneficial to the pedo conspirators have Jones talking about this, because he has promoted so many insane things in the past (chemtrails, Sandy Hook hoax, other crisis actor stuff, etc.) that him talking about it at all can be used to discredit the information.

Stephen Colbert this week talked about Pizzagate and “fake news,” and made it all about Alex Jones.

Watch that clip. It’s really nuts. He is literally just telling people “don’t look into this or you’re insane.”

I haven’t seen the Jones clip, but apparently Jones accused him of being a pedophile.

Anyway, with the Alt-Light apparently being bullied into backing off from this, I’m going to try to step-up my coverage of it, and also get some more people on here writing about it. If you’ve got research into the topic that you think needs posted, let us know.

I am not sure there has ever been a more important story than this, ever in history. Honestly. That’s the truth.