After Meeting with President Trump, Nancy Rattled, Jew Chuck Claims “Shutdown” Could Last Years

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2019

Still attempting to rattle the goyim with Jewish lies about how the government is “shutdown,” Chucky Schumer is making aggressive, hateful statements.

Neither he nor Nancy looked at all confident, however. In fact they looked worried.


A meeting Friday between President Donald Trump and newly powerful Democrats ended in continued stalemate as a partial government shutdown wears on. Both sides emerged sounding entrenched, rendering an end to the impasse elusive.

Still, leaders announced that further discussions would occur over the weekend. And newly elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested Trump gained new understanding of Democrats’ position during the multi-hour meeting, held in the secure Situation Room.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democratic leader, told reporters afterward the President indicated the deadlock could stretch to historic length.

Trump “said he’d keep the government closed for a very long period of time — months or even years,” according to Schumer.

The President offered a cheerier view of the session during an afternoon appearance in the Rose Garden.

“We had a very, very productive meeting and I think we’ve come a long way,” Trump said, adding later: “We’re all on the same path in terms of wanting to get government open.”

Nancy only took one question.

Trump did an hour long press conference, looking very happy and confident, taking all the questions, confirming he’ll keep this fake shutdown going for years if he does not get exactly five billion.

Trump is winning this.

And it is an important win, because it is the first big challenge of the new Democrat Congress. And the longer this goes on, the worse it looks for them. And it makes no difference to President Trump.

Because as I said earlier today, no one actually cares about this shutdown, other than the Jewish media, which is lying.

Chuck and Nancy should have announced that it was their plan to keep the government shutdown, then they could have pretended they were winning.

But the Democrats and the media told everyone to care about this, now they can’t fix it because of the rock/hard place nature of also declaring for years that a wall is evil.

I don’t know why they bet on having leverage here.

This was all very poorly planned on the part of Democrat strategists.

Are there even any Democrat strategists? Or do these people just read the WaPo and making decisions based on op-eds?